OK, I finally got the GHD and used it for the 1st time!!!

  1. This thing is magical!!!! My hair was straight, shiny, looked healthy, didn't look fried (like it did w/the CHI)....and it worked so fast....I LOVE IT....honestly, how could I have waited this long....yes I know it's $200, but its SOOOOOOOOOO worth it...I got the pink one, it's so cute

    My hair has never looked so good and healthy when its straight....I want to learn how to use it as a curler.....I have very curly hair but sometimes I want soft curls or waves.....

    YAY FOR GHD!!!!!!! Thank you all for your reviews about it.....I LOVE IT!!!!!
  2. Yeye! Post a picture? :smile:
  3. yes... pics please.. this thing is truly magical, I never regretted spending so much money for this thing, it's totally worth it!
  4. YAY!!! Thanks for sharing
  5. Took the words right out of my mouth!

    GHD :tup::woohoo:

    I need a new flat iron.
  7. Pic Pic Pic!! Can't wait to get my paws on one of those GHDs.
  8. Aren't they wonderful? :yahoo:I totally miss mine, it's honestly GHD is the best one around. I'm using a cheap flat iron, until I can afford a new ghd. I can really see the difference. My hair is not as smooth or heathy looking. And the split ends were almost instant.
  9. Anyone here used the T3 before? I can't decide if I should get the T3 or ghd! The girl I talked to at Sephora was no help whatsoever, so I'm going to go back tomorrow and speak to a different SA and see if someone else can give me more insight! I just don't want to do too much damage to my hair but I want a REALLY good flat iron and these two seem to be the best.
  10. get the GHD, best out there hands down
  11. definately the GHD hands down!! the T3 flatirons dosen't measure up to the GHD in my opinion and this is coming from a girl who has both..
  12. really...... I have the chi and I have been battling trying to keep my hair healthy-the GHD is really that much better for the hair???
  13. It doesn't feel like my hair is fried...where when I use the CHI it does feel like its just frying my hair, and causing more split ends

    this thing is magical :love:
  14. I love mine, my hair's not fried AT ALL
  15. Thanks for the "heads up" (could not resist that annoying pun) I think I will have to invest in one. Are there in differences in the way we use the irons?