OK...I don't think I've grown up!

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2014
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    I've always wanted something, either monogram or nameplate, to wear as a necklace. Problem is...I got old. On a positive note, I can now afford a diamond one!
    I know SATC is a little dated but I always loved that nameplate. On the other hand the monogram circle doesn't look as youthful and it's slightly different from the run of the mill monogram necklaces (it's called a "lace" monogram). I would like a fun piece, without looking crazy!!!
    Round monogram 1.24" Nameplate 1.5" length

    OK, girls...thoughts???

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  2. Would you wear it alone or layered?

    I like the round one for alone and traditional name plate for layered.
  3. I really like the first one.
  4. Hey, that's my name! I was a child of the 80s and had a nameplate. In the craze of selling jewelry during its high price, I regretfully sold my nameplate. That is the one piece that I so regret selling so much that I picked up a not-so-expensive one at my local jeweler.

    That said, I like the nameplate. Personally (and just my opinion) I find the scroll initials a bit hard on the eyes.

    I'm older now and would definitely love an all diamond nameplate. Let us know what you decide. Oh and I really think you can layer nicely with the nameplate in your example.
  5. Don't worry I still love all things monogram and personalized! I vote for the "lace" monogram of your initials, more sophisticated than the regular nameplate :smile:
  6. I'm a Melissa and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that "Melissa" diamond nameplate. It's fabulous and I'm jealous because now I want one!

  7. oooohhhhhhhhh...I am crazy about name plate necklaces. And the diamonds make it grown up.

    So my vote is for the diamond nameplate (I like the monogram but it's a little fussy for my style)

    get it get it get it get it!!!
  8. I can't tell what the initials are in the first one!
  9. I think the name plate is much more fun!
    Sort of youthful and casual, with a nod to the '80s.
    I have started to feel -- for MYSELF -- I'm verging on an age that some antique styles look like original jewels I bought a long time ago -- in olden times, as my daughter would say -- rather than inherited / heritage bling.
  10. I like the name more than the monogram :smile:
  11. I like the second one, personally, and no one should have to feel like they need to "grow up," babe. Get it, wear it, and love it. :winkiss:
  12. Mmmm, I like the nameplate necklace - and I'm pretty sure that all diamond is the 'grown-up' version ;)
  13. I love the first one because it seems more "blingy" to me!
  14. I like both, but I think I like the second one better. The monogram is a little too fussy for my taste, and you have pretty much admitted that you really want the nameplate. You are NEVER too old for your name... especially in diamonds. I'm of the opinion that there is very little in the line of jewelry that one is ever "too old" to wear. Perhaps a plastic Elmo ring, but not a diamond nameplate.
  15. I'm surprised so many of you like the nameplate. LOL!
    I'd love to get Cathy Waterman's "Thorn" Initial necklace but not for 14K. So the next best thing was the round monogram. I'll be 62 next month and very tall...I don't want to look too little girly. KWIM?
    But I'm going to rethink this.......................thanks, girls!