OK, I did it! Ordered the Pond patent....

  1. :banned:now! I got the patent pond ergo tote! also got the tattersal scarf for it. It will be here tues, so I will post pics if anyone wants to see:yahoo:
  2. Yeah, we want to see! Congratulations!!!:tup:
  3. Congrats! I have no idea when my new purchase is coming, so it will be a wait and see :smile:
  4. Yes Id definitely like to see this one. I want a patent ergo, but I dont think I love their color choices for his bag.
  5. I can't wait to see pics of your bag! Pond is the most beautiful colour!
  6. Can't wait to see what pond looks like!
  7. can't wait to see pics!!
  8. Please post pics when you get it! I really want to see this!
  9. Oh, yes, I'd love to see it when you get it. I have the Legacy Pond and love it to death! But I do want to add a Patent Leather to my collection one day. Does the Patent Ergo Tote come in different sizes? If so, what size did you get?
  10. I can't wait! I was going to order the tote yesterday, but I would like to see just how blue it is first! The picture in my catalog looks so light, it almost looked gray to me.
  11. Congrats! I'll be back for pics.
  12. ooohh, can't wait for the pix. I am dying for a patent right now.
  13. Oooh, I can't wait to see this! I love all things blue and I adore my pond legacy too. I'll bet this will be gorgeous.:yes:
  14. I am SO excited to be getting it! I love patent leather and the pond is TDF! It only comes in Medium, which will be big enough for my stuff. I normally love big bags, but Must...have...this...bag:cutesy:
  15. Awsome! Just to let you know the large will be available the beginning of Feb.:yes: