OK I did it just ordered, now the waiting starts!

  1. Ok I finally made up my mind...steel, black, SGH, RH partime, work...my head was spinning.
    But I finally decided to be courageous and order a 07 black RH work instead of waiting for a 05. The poor SA a girl I didn't know (the regular was off) was really sweet I tried to be as precise as possible as to what leather I wanted , but I realised she was a bid overwhelmed.
    Now I am :sweatdrop:.....please keep you fingers crossed for a nice distressed but chewy, smouchy Black work. it will be shipped out tomorrow......I am so anxious.
  2. Ooooh! How exciting!! Congratulations on taking the plunge. Am crossing my fingers for you now. Dont forget to post the pictures.
  3. Congrats! Must be a relief to have finally decided. Post pics when your gorgeous new bag arrives!
  4. I think you'll be pleased with the 07 black leather. I have a 07 black city and the leather just keeps getting better and better... I was admiring her the other day thinking how the leather keeps getting softer and better with time. Good luck with your work and post pictures once you get her!
  5. YAY CatCat! Congrats..it'll be just gorgeous, wait and see..:p
    Hope it'll arrive soon, be sure to post pics :heart:
  6. Congrats!! Hopefully the wait won't be too painful! Can't wait to see your new bag!
  7. i feel ur anxiety...mine was shipped out today!!! can't wait!
  8. Great choice! I think 07 leather can be as good as 05 leather, I even have found thicker and smooshier leather than 05 so good luck!
  9. congrats! can't wait to see pics.
  10. CONGRATS, Please keep us posted.
  11. :yahoo: congrats! so happy for you finally get your work! fingers crossed for ya that this will be yummy leather and the perfect bag for ya Cat!
  12. Congrats, catcat! Hope you get the Work of your dreams!
  13. Congrats! I hope it's beautiful and can't wait to see pics.
  14. Yayy congrats Cat.:yahoo:I hope you will get what you have been waiting for and i can't wait to see your pics.:wlae:
  15. Ohh CONGRATS! I'm sure you'll love the leather.