Ok, I couldn't resist posting about my First MJ bag!

  1. Alright, so after many questions directed to you MJ lovers within the last few months, I finally picked up my very FIRST Marc Jacobs bag around Christmas! Being an MJ newbie, I wasn't even familiar with any of the bags. But then I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! I had decided which one I wanted but I had to wait an agonizing 4 weeks to get it from my BFF (from the MJ EE sale)! I wasn't gonna post about it, but how can I resist sharing with those of you who have shared SO much with me!?

    So without further ado, here are my pics as the new proud mama:

    The Unveiling of...

    my new Patchwork Venetia in Ivory! :love::heart:

    (thank you camera timer)...


    ...Yes yes, I know- anti climatic since my Signature has pretty much given it away for the last week :p

    Now to you Experts, can ya help me out a little?

    ~When was it released?
    ~ How do you avoid color transfer from dark clothes?

    Thanks! I'm pretty sure this won't be my last MJ bag, considering I've been DREAMING of them nonstop!! :yahoo:
  2. OMG! Stunning. I'm afraid I can't answer either of your questions, but I can wipe this drool off of my keyboard... :drool:
  3. I think it's from Spring 07 as well.... I think the color might be Ivory.

    It's a gorgeous bag and it looks totally FAB on you. Congrats!
  4. All I can say is - stunning!!!
  5. Beautiful!!!!
  6. OMG...I LOVE it!!
  7. Absolutely gorgeous bag! It is stunning. Enjoy...and I am sure it won't be your last. They are addicting. LOL!
  8. LOVE IT! Congrats! Welcome to the obsession!
  9. I LOVE THIS BAG!! Congratulations
  10. OMG! That bag is TDF! Congrats on getting that beauty! I love the color on that style.
  11. What a stunner!
  12. Great 1st MJ! It looks great on you too!
  13. It's Gorgeous! What a great 1st MJ. Congrats!
  14. gorgeous!!! congrats on your first MJ...and here's to many more!!! :smile: