Ok I borrowed my mom's bare minerals, now how do i put it on?


Homo sapien
Jul 14, 2007
We have the same skin coloring (tan and medium tan), but before I buy my own kit, I wanted to try her's.....

so how do I put it on? like buffing my face w/the brush and powder?


Adopt a Greyhound!
Apr 8, 2007
Shake a tiny amount of the minerals into the lid; swirl it around with the brush, making sure to get all of the minerals into the brush; shake off any excess over the lid; buff onto your face. It does take a few attempts before you master it. Remember, as with any makeup--LESS IS MORE! Good Luck and I hope you love it!


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Jan 1, 2007
New Jerz formerly Philly
The above post is correct with swirling, tapping to remove excess, and buffing in a circular motion. There's a CD included with the kit that shows exactly how to do it. And pick the right color. I have the same kit and the lighter one, the medium tan, is a perfect match. However the tan makes my skin look dirty because it's too dark. Follow with the mineral veil to 'set' the makeup. I love it! And using the concealer brush and a little more does an excellent job in hiding any skin imperfections. Use the kabuki brush (the short fat one) for buffing it into the skin. Good luck!


Nov 14, 2007
Using the Kabuki brush, dip into a little bit of minerals on the lid, shake off any excess so you don't get a cakey look on your face, and buff into skin using a circular motion. I suggest buffing it into your forehead and cheeks before your nose and chin because you usually need less coverage for these areas.


Feb 13, 2007
East Coast
If you have a concealer brush available, the first thing I do is use that brush and put the powder on any really blemishes or undereye circles or wherever else is really noticeably discolored. Then I do the swirl, tap, buff thing all over the face, blending in the areas you put foundation on already. You do'nt want too much powder or else you will look waxy.


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Feb 3, 2007
Before you use it, make sure to go to MUA can check out the reviews there. I was a loyal Bare Minerals user for years and a few months ago my usual flawless skin started to have issues with a 'un-natural chemical' that is mixed in with the minerals - bismuth oxide. I had to stop using all Bare Minerals products. Make sure it's right for you before making a long term commitment to the brand and stop using it if it irritates your skin or makes you break out. :tdown: