Ok I am officially banned after today....

  1. My new baby is finally home! I won't keep you all guessing too long but here are some pics for the meantime....:p


  2. Hurry hurry!!! ;)
  3. Gah...!!!!! Evil...!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. :choochoo:
  5. Ugh!
  6. :yahoo: what is it?
  7. :popcorn:
  8. Gah That's so mean!! I want pics!!!!! :hysteric:
  9. :shrugs:
  10. LOL I had to delete my wishlist so you ladies couldn't figure it out so easily....
  11. Well after seeing "her" in Vegas when I was there a few weeks ago, my new baby is finally home! I had to seriously consider this purchase as this is the most I've ever spent on a handbag and if any of my family knew how much it cost they would think I've lost all rational reasoning. And all the while my boyfriend is paying for the bag my dear SA is showing me the lookbook of Fall/Cruise bags and my boyfriend is :rolleyes: saying "it's going to be a long while before you get another LV." But of course my SA had to mention that the Cruise bags come out around my birthday (November). I was LOL. And as we walked out of the store I turned and whispered to my SA not to forget to ring me when the new Denim Neo Cabby comes in! So much for a ban but I have to get the limited edition bags while they are available, I refuse to pay marked up prices down the road. All permanent line bags will have to wait awhile.

    Without further ado I introduce my new Stratus PM in Ecru:wlae::heart:

  12. UGGGHH. Show us, please!!!
  13. OK-that was worth the wait. Beautiful!
  14. OMG!
    Shes stunning!
    I love it in Ecru,
  15. that was worth the wait, its gorgeous, congrats!!!!!!