Ok I am new but I just HAVE to share!

  1. My fiance and I had our 1-year-engaged anniversary on Feb.15. I told him the night before that I was on eBay bangle shopping, because I am suffering from a bangle fetish right now. He didnt seem like he was listening or cared, so I just keep looking at watching the bangles that I loved.

    The night of our anniversary, he took me to a really nice dinner, and walked in with a big Coach bag. I didnt expect him to get me anything at all, but what he got me I absolutely LOVE!!

    What do you girls think? He wouldnt get me the Oceolot bangle becuase he thinks animal print is trashy, but I think I will have to buy that to add to my collection!!

    I just had to share, becuase none of my friends get it!
    legacy bangle.jpg silver bangle.jpg rose bangle.jpg tattersall bangle.jpg
  2. Welcome to tPF!

    Those bracelets are really pretty! Congrats and enjoy!
  3. AWWWW!!! how nice! maybe i'll get something on our 1-year engaged ann. in July! haha!

    Those are lovely bangles! I really want the second one...
  4. Those are so cute! Welcome to TPF!

    ... When my fiance and I got engaged on New Year's Eve, I asked him if I was going to get an amazing gift like my ring every year! ha
  5. Well he REALLY lucked out, becuase he didnt have to buy me an engagement ring, as my grandmother left me her 5ct diamond and platinum ring. He said he couldnt afford to do better than that.:smile: So he gets me presents all the time. I recently got very ill with a mystery illness, and to cheer me up he bought me a HUGE Gucci bag! I am so spoiled. :smile:
  6. That is so sweet! He paid attention!
  7. Those are gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. Oooh, those are so pretty!! Congrats!!
  9. Those bangles are beautiful! Congrats on the bangle as well as the sweet fiance!
  10. I love them all!!! CONGRATS!!! And welcome! :smile:
  11. what a sweetie and very nice bangles!
  12. How sweet of him to do that for you! I love your new bangles!
  13. He is the sweetest ever. He read this thread over my shoulder and he blushed. :smile: I just love him!

    Do you guys think I should get the Ocelot? I dont know which other one it would go with though. Hmm...
  14. Those bangles are adorable!:love: If you really love the Ocelot then I say get it!! I would!! Enjoy!!! AND...Welcome to the Purse Forum!!:flowers:
  15. I agree with Admat97... if you love it - get it. Is seems as if you are thinking about it a lot. Get it - and if you decide that you really dont love it, simply return it. He wont mind, as long as u are happy. Thats all he really wants. He's a keeper - congrats!!!! :king: