Ok...I am goin to do it.......I've build up enough confident to do it...

  1. I am going to Apple Condition and Apple Protect my Mizi.

    I am really nervous.

    Should I wait till the conditioner dries before applying the Leather protector??

    I hope I dont get uneveness or blotchiness.

    If you have any extra notes please tell me..

    Ok cross your fingers for me girls...I've taken her out of her bag...:sad:

    p.s I am not to use cleaner on new vachetta correct?!?!?
  2. Good Luck.
  3. ahhh ...im so worried...I dont even know if i should it...but I live in the western canada...and it rains here so often~
  4. You should do it. You will be glad you did. Good luck:smile:
  5. Yup, you're not suppose to use the cleaner on untreated leather because it's so harsh. Don't, don't use it on your new vachetta.

    I also live in Vancouver and I understand how our weather can be. It's pouring like nuts as we speak.

    Good luck! And Im sure it'll turn out fine.
  6. Dont bother with conditioner if its new. It wont need it. Just apple spray is good enough.
  7. Let me know, I am a BIG chicken and am too afraid to do it!
  8. would it be better if i spplied the protecor with a cloth...cause Im thinking the spray would leave spray marks~
  9. that sounds like a good idea.

    You could rub it and know the portions you're putting in -you'll also get it more evenly distributed.
  10. oh no this is too complicated..
  11. Yes, you really don't need conditioner... just spray. It will be fine - I've done all my bags with AG. :yes:
  12. Noo, just take it outside on an old but clean towel and spray but don't saturate. I also fold the towel over the parts I'm not spraying (like the canvas.) It won't hurt it, though.
  13. OH, good luck!!!! Can't wait to hear how it turns out!!
  14. 0o00o good luck.... we're here for ya!!!
  15. Have you done it yet?