Ok, I am confused. $1275, $1295, or $1395 for denim cabas???

  1. I'm so confused to see there are so many different prices in the same denim cabas.

    Can anyone shares the information about the price you saw on denim cabas in either large or extra large?

    Here is what I was told:
    Large denim cabas: $1295
    Extra large denim cabas: $1395

    TIA :yes:
  2. The large is 1295 for sure i saw it with my own eyes hahaha not sure about the XL
  3. yep thats right....$1295 for the large and $1395 for the xtra large
  4. Chanel Boutique in Hawaii told me the smaller size was $1275, but I am paying $1295 on the mainland. ???