Ok,I am bidding on a Chanel bag

  1. So I went and found a Chanel bag on eBay.Yeah I realize...buyer beware...BUT....I could not resist.If and when I win the auction,would you all like to see it?:yahoo:
  2. yes of course!
    If you aren't 100% of it's authenticity, please feel free to ask in the Authenticate This! sticky, the gals are SO helpful!
  3. g luck on ur auction girl!!! :dothewave:
  4. good luck--would love to see it!
  5. Of course!:nuts:
  6. Yes, eBay finds are great. Just post it in the authentication thread if you're unsure, the girls there are sooooo helpful (you know who you are :winkiss: )!
  7. Let's see it!!!!
  8. of course! would love to see! post post post...
  9. I love to look at great eBay Chanel finds. Definitely, post it!