OK, I am ashamed to admit this but finally happy at least!

  1. Many of you were kind enough to look and comment on my natural slim tote....and I did visually love the bag, what's not to love? Except (and for the price it was a big except) the bag had no zipper or flap and was extremely top heavy; now the no closure thing was only a big deal because of the top heavy part, and this won't apply to all of you who own it but I have to keep my bag on the center console of my car because all the car seats are taken up with kids. Top heavy bags FLY off the console and onto the floor or kid sitting next to it, then objects in the bag fly where they want to fly. But the bag is stunning and otherwise fab. So, with my incredibly patient and kind hubby and kids we all drove the 35 minutes to Coach and exchanged the otherwise gorgoeus bag. The store was insane because of PCE. My DH (and I really mean the dear part :tender:) gets on the long line by himself (because I am incredibly shy) and returns the bag and asks the SA to please take care of me and could his wife please have the PCE discount. 4 of the sweetest SA's proceeded to help me and find me the last Whiskey Ali in the back. It is the perfect bag for me; I am finally happy and not second guessing my big purchase. And the PCE discount enabled me to purchase the med khaki/parchment cosmetic case that matches the wristlet my mom bought me for my b-day. I had an old case that had seen better days and was dreaming of a Coach case for almost a year. So, I am truly sorry for wasting your time with my other thread, though I really appreciate the kind comments. I did however keep the pretty scarf, how would it look (ponytail stripe) on a whiskey Ali?? BTW, all of you coach SA's here, for some reason people who work at Coach seem to be very professional, nice and helpful. It is great to walk into a boutique and be treated well, no attitude etc. that sometimes happens in other stores. So you are all either very well trained or just very happy to be working in a store that is pretty and smells of divine leather. Either way, thanks for making shopping at Coach a pleasant experience. :yahoo: (happy dance!!!)
  2. How nice that you had such a good experience and you got what you wanted! Sounds like a great find. Post pics when you can. Congrats! (joins in happy dance):yahoo:
  3. Yay! I'm glad you've found the right bag - that is so important! It makes me happy to hear how happy you are!
  4. Kimmi, I am so glad you found your perfect bag! It is amazing how we get so excited about a beautiful bag but sometimes it is just not the match for our need. But I think that allows us , as coach lovers, to appreciate people who have these bags because even though the tote did not go good for you, Im sure if you saw some other lady carrying it at the grocery store you would have appreciation for that bag! That is what makes the Coach world go round. Loving your particular coach bag while appreciating other people's coach bags. No coach bag is a real eyesore to me.

    Congrats again on the ali. I hope you enjoy it!
  5. Thank you! It was incredibly lovely but I think after a month I would stick it in the closet and feel obligated to use it every so often. I just didn't want to do that to a beautiful, expensive bag. But on someone else when ever I see it I will drool (and probably be a bit sorry till I remember it literally fling into my poor son's lap!). Oh and I still have a silly smile on my face from my new bag and wonderful experience in the store! I had called them before going and they said there were no whiskey Ali's left. I went anyway to return the tote and just got lucky I guess.
  6. I'm so glad you found such a wonderful bag! I have the slim tote, too, and it is gorgeous but only really used for work file and things like that...I have three little ones and can't use it for an everyday bag...your ali will be much better suited because of the single strap and the secure closure.

    Congrats on finding the right bag for you! :p
  7. All that matters in the end is that you've found a bag that you love and that you'll use!! Glad to hear you had a good store experience on top of it all.....congrats!!!!
  8. Awesome, stories like these help other people in your situation decide too ! I love the slimtote but I will not consider it now that I read your story ! I am glad you found a bag that is beautiful and works for you !
  9. I don't think any post is a horribly specatular waste of time. We get to see and learn about prospective purchases. That's primarily why I'm here. It's okay to not like a bag, or prefer another bag for style or function. It is however GRAND when you find a bag that is absolutely perfect for your lifestyle.

    And, of course I am all for ALI :yahoo:
  10. Thank you all!
  11. So glad you found the perfect bag and had a great experience to boot!

    I love getting feedback from the people here, especially when you're not sure of something (or want an opinion from people who completely understand bag obsession!).

    Anyway, enjoy everything and I can't wait to see pics!
  12. Congratulations on getting a Whiskey Ali! I have that bag too and love it. It's so classic and gorgeous. I'm glad you had such a nice experience while shopping too. :smile:
  13. Yay! :yahoo:Don't be ashamed! You did the right thing by taking the bag back for one you will use, plus getting an extra accessory.
  14. That's great! Glad you found a bag you love. :smile:
  15. I "test-drove" the Ali today and it stayed put like a rock on that console, it is not too heavy on my shoulder (but I like the chloe paddy which means don't listen to me about heavy) and it fits all my things perfectly without crowding and with room left over. It looks great when I pass a mirror too. So the Ali gets a :tup:.