OK...I admit...

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  1. that I'm the most impatient person in the world!!! I brought a bag from U.S last week, and I've been checking the USPS tracking site like 50 times a day.
    The bag arrived in Australia at 3pm yesterday, so I thought (based on my previous experiences), it should be out of custom like in 1 hr. But it didn't, it was there the whole night last night, and was released at 10am this morning. The tracking status showed it was processed and scheduled for delivery:nuts:. I got all excited, "ok, it should be delivered this afternoon then!" And I was practically standing outside my house waiting for the mailman. Now its 15 past 5 already, its still not here, and I don't think it'll come today:crybaby:Im so upset right now..... I don't think I can sleep well tonight.

  2. Oh, I know how you feel..! At least there's something to look forward to tomorrow! :P
  3. ^^yea...thats true.
  4. Be patient..hehehe.
  5. I had a bag that was suppose to be delivered on a Friday, but UPS guy never showed. Turned out it was delayed due to a late train. On Monday afternoon, I just parked myself by the door with my eye on the peep hole. After a while, DH got suspicious "did you buy another bag?" To add to the agony, the UPS guy arrived much later than when he normally comes to my neighborhood.