Ok I admit it....I totally caved!

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  1. I went to the boutique today to return the tattersall tote that I ended up not loving on me. While I was there I asked about the the coupon and the patent pleated satchel. The SA-not my usual one, she wasn't there but I had a nice guy instead. Anyway, I had mentioned the coupon and I wondered if I was going to get one and he said I could use one they had there if I wanted to order the satchel. He also checked and said there were only 10 (!) of them left in the navy. Well, so much for my being so patient, lol. I ordered it immediately! I can't wait until it gets here! Gah, I was so torn between the navy and the pink, and even whether I should order at all, I hope I did the right thing! :s

    Whew! Now I'm saving for the gorgeous khaki/turquoise wallet to go with Carly. The wishlist just never ends!
  2. Well I'm glad sweetmelissa that you ordered something you'll like... i guarantee that your going to be SO happy w/the navy... so they said they only had 10 left? WOW, that went fast! at least you were able to snag one! i can't wait to see pics! congrats!
  3. Good for you!!
  4. I think you made the right decision! It's never good to keep something that you do not love. I did the same thing with a bag I'd had for a few months, and haven't regretted it!
  5. Oh hurray, sweetmelissa! My SA's have been saying how limited the navy was - I am so glad you got to order one! I hope you love it when she arrives!:yahoo:
  6. Thanks girls! I'm sure I will love it. I wanted something that I can carry on daytrips with my (almost) 2 year old. It's originally why I bought the coated canvas but then I thought patent is just as easy to keep clean and so much more me.

    I couldn't decide at all between the pink and the navy so dh decided for me. He thought the pink was too bright and he said the navy will go with more. I AM a blue jeans kind of girl. Anyway...I am thrilled to bits and dying for her to arrive!
  7. Can't wait to see the pics! That is so nice that they let you use a coupon!
  8. Congrats!
  9. Great choice!
  10. YAY Congrats! Great choice!
  11. AWESOME! I am so glad they gave you the coupon and that you were able to get the one you wanted!!
  12. I know! I was so thrilled :woohoo: but you are awesome anyway ;)
  13. Wow, that is FANTASTIC!! CONGRATS!! I'm so happy for you because I know you were lamenting over that!! I know there are some things that make you sick when you miss them. I'm also not loving my tattersall satchel, so I've also thought of returning mine...although DH likes that one and encouraged me to keep it. :confused1:

    Thanks also for posting this about the coupon!! I've "hinted" to my normal SA several times already to no avail, so I think I'm going to contact the guy that tried to sell me the burnt orange satchel yesterday and see if his store will honor the coupon for me. They know I don't shop there, and I think he would like to get me as a customer at that store since I'm in there almost every weekend when I pass by. Hey, I'll go where the savings are, lol!! I didn't bother to ask yesterday because I thought the coupons were tied to the specific person, and I figured the answer would be no. I guess you never know!! If not, then nothing lost, but if I can score one, I think I'll order either that or the sunflower Bridgit!!
  14. :tup::tup::tup: Yea, a coupon on mine would have been nice!
  15. Thats so great you were able to order it!!! Congrats!