Ok I admit it...... i can't get this bag out of my head!

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  1. I am an avid balenciaga supporter, almost never buying any other bag designer's product but i just cannot get over this bag!

    it is amazing and i would give my left leg for it! if anyone finds one PLEASE let me know!

    if anyone HAS one PLEASE post pictures! i would also like to see what it looks like on normal sized people :girlsigh:

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  2. [​IMG]

    sorry here's the big version.

    also how often, if ever, does it pop up on ebay? i've never really seen it
  3. I believe it's a vintage bag, so I don't think that particular one is available anymore. Many of the Fendi-lovers ADORE that bag. *myself included*

    Recently Fendi released a bag that looks very similar. I don't remember what thread it's in, though.
  4. I think you would have to give up your left leg for it, I recall seeing a price tag of $17K or something like that.
  5. I think you can special order it from fendi boutique, and it comes in 2 sizes and a few colors.
  6. special order??? thats amzing how much for?
  7. I do remember a thread not too long ago discussing this style - and that it was still available - with a high price tag!
  8. This bag was re-issued this year but costs so much....about $18,000

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  9. Hey Im new so Hello everyone.
    I can't find the other thread that talk about this bag *cry*
    I'm in love with this bag BIG time Ill do almost anything for it, but before I spend I like to know the name of it? How many sizes it comes in? And if someone could like me to the old thread where it was talked about.

    Thank you :smile:
  10. OK I found the threads myself but the handles of the new reissued bags are totally different? Is that right?
  11. Hi Tote and welcome,

    If you look at my picture of the re-issue one I do not think the handles are different to the old one. They was selling this bag in Harrods in the UK
  12. Really, they kind of look flat'ish to me on the vintage version. I think Selfridges got it too, Ill go to Harrods and check it out, it's a fregging lof of money though, I did hear it comes it plain leather for winter no idea if this is true.
  13. Yup, I do believe the handles are different. The original handles were flat and the new ones are rolled leather.

    That bag came in a suede a while back and occasionally, one can be found on eBay (I've seen only 2 or 3 in the last year).

    Good luck!
  14. Whoops....my bad fatefullotus, I did not think the handles look any different.

    If you do go into Harrods, you want to take a look at this one, its a stunning bag and colour

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  15. Im sure too the handles were flat before and now they are round, I went to Harrods they had the bag in black and in white the white was a lot softer in the skin than the black (not sure why) I really like the flatter handles better and it's 10000 Pounds But I do kind of really fancy it......................
    ............................ For winter it will be coming out in plain leather.