OK..I actually like a spring MJ bag..LOL

  1. I was cruising thru NM in K of P mall tonight(with a VERY cranky 10 yr old...)...Lo and behold..I saw a MJ tote...for 995..it was SUPER CUTE! It was in a light grey color and a tan color...YUMMY....Just said TOTE on MJ tag...Had a zipped flat pocket on the front.I was shocked as Ive really lost interest in MJ this season( I foungd the majority of his new bags fugly..LOL)SORRY..had to say that.Anyone seen this tote...:smile: .....???

    I would have brought it home..Had I not just bought a new wardrobe,Chanel sunnies, AND a 2200 dollar LV bag.....LOL.....
  2. Jill, I saw this Tote at MJ boutique; it comes in Black, White, Natural, Light Grey, and Navy. I thought the shorter version (named Deborah) is cuter.

    L-R: Light Grey Christy, Navy Tote, Natural Christy

    White Deborah

    Can't wait to see pictures of your new additions. =)
  3. LOL..That bottom pic is the shorter version..YES?
  4. whatcha think of lite grey..I kinda digged it..LOL...Tay hated it though
  5. I thought Lite Grey is okay, I don't love/hate it.
    Yup, the bottom picture is the shorter version.
  6. they had it in the camel ish color too..NM didnt have the smaller version one..Do you know the price?
  7. The camel color is Natural. The shorter version (Deborah) is $975.

    Tote (13 x 14.5 x 1.5"): Black, White, Natural, Light Grey, Navy
    Deborah (15 x 10 x 2.5"): Black, White, Light Grey, Lavendar
  8. OOOH! Lavendar..do we have a pic of that color?
  9. PS-Thanks BL! You always hook me up with current MJ info!YOU ROCK!
  10. [​IMG]

    ^ this picture shows the real life color.
  11. I like this bag too! Saw the Christy at Nordy's in the natural but I think I like the Deborah even better. And I was starting to think I was "over" MJ...
  12. Did you see Cruise 06's Eva? I like it. =)
  13. BL..What color do you like best in the deborah..IRL>I s the lavandar too much
  14. Valerieb, which color of Deborah do you like?




    Available in Black as well. =)
  15. Im strangely drawn to the grey...LOL(just wish it had silver hardware..SIGH!)