Ok, How many bags have you purchased this year?


How many bags have you purchased Year to date???

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  6. Above 10

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  1. OK just wondering how many bags everyone purchased year to date.

    I kinda feel nuts because i think mine is up to 9.

    Grenat Paddy Loaf
    Blue nuit Paddy satchel
    Fendi mama baguette
    Natural python silverado
    Caramel Chloe bracelet bag
    Lanvin Fringed Kansas
    YSL small boheme bag
    Baby black stam
    YSL nadja bag

    What about you???
  2. LV damier speedy 25
    Coach bumble bee bag (past season)
  3. I'd like to add that mine are all past season bags as well!!! I think that's why i acted so quickly on purchasing them. They're almost all discontinued (except the stam).
  4. I know I am probably over 10 by now...... but nothing too "important" such as LV, YSL, etc- mostly less expensive bags- things on clearance at Dillards, Von Maur etc.
  5. It's just now April. . . so far just one :biggrin:
  6. I have purchased five. This should be abnormal as I am just now really getting a collection going.

    I only have 7-10 handbags total, depending on what you'd call a purse.

  7. Wow! Love your new bags.

    Three: Valentino, Marni, Stella McCartney
  8. 6 but none were retail price and most were expensive for me but not in the super high end price range:

    chloe tracy (large grey and black)
    marc jacobs venetia (pomegranate)
    botkier e/w trigger satchel (in ecru)
    cynthia rowley cecilla bag (sapphire blue)
    orla kiely midi sling bag (in red stem print)
    marc by marc jacobs canvas tote
  9. four... but all were on sale and I don't feel guilty in the least!
  10. So far, I think I've been really good ... I've only bought three new bags so far!:yes:

    LV mono speedy 25
    LV mini lin dune speedy
    LV azur speedy 25 (returned it, but buying it back later;) )
    Fendi honey wisteria spy
  11. I have purchased 7 bags this year, but keep in mind I started the year with NO decent handbags. I had some catching up to do. *s

    Kooba Jessie in raisin
    Kooba Braedon in black
    Kooba Jillian in black
    Kooba Frankie in bourbon
    Kooba Bonnie in red
    Kooba Maria in terraine
    Gustto Torlia in blue

    And that is IT until Fall, then maybe one more.
  12. Thanks!!! :heart:

    I think the only bag I might buy current season is a fendi B bag, but i'm just waiting for the right one.

    I like to wear older season bags because I know that usually no one is wearing them. :p
  13. Wow that's alot of shopping in 3 months :shocked: that's almost a bag a weekend - I don't think I could ever go shopping every weekend.
  14. I think I've just bought a Kooba red Devin and a Tokidoki Paradiso. I bought one more but sold it right away.
  15. So far I've purchased:
    Damier speedy 30
    Vernis Pomme d'Amour cles
    Multicolore Wapity
    Damier Papillon 26
    Damier Azur Pochette
    Epi Pochette in Red
    No-Name vintage bag.