OK...Honest Opinion on this Valentine Gift for my Huggy Bear of one year....

  1. ok, my sweetie pop and me have been together for almost a year (will officially be a year in May)

    He has given me everything a girl could ever ask for. not only is he a complete gentleman and a great listener, but patient and understanding (very rare I know)

    He always gives me very nice gifts (Shopping spree for my birthday, takes me to the most interesting dates etc.)

    This valentine's day, he made reservations for us to spend the weekend at the Omni Hotel. Well, I want to surprise him with a nice gift. an iTunes Gift Card (for his iPhone) and this belt:


    dont hold back the criticism, he likes nice things (like brand names and such) So I thought he would enjoy it. what do you think?
  2. any other ideas? he likes Gucci
  3. i like it, i'm sure he will be happy! :yes:
  4. thank you for your response!!

    and excuse the photo, I did a print screen off the website.
  5. how about a matching wallet to go with the belt? would that be tacky?
  6. i think a wallet is okay. if you would combine a belt with shoes (both with the monogram) than it would be too much, otherwise it's fine.
  7. Damn, your are the best women ever!! I need a girl to buy me some Gucci! Anyway,I like the belt alot! A matching wallet would be amazing!!

    (I'm a guy btw)
  8. How about a belt without the gg pattern and just the gg buckle. It could be dressed up or down that way.
  9. i think the belt is a very nice gift. How about a money clip to go with it? I would love to give my hubby a money/wallet clip style but he just likes to keep his money in his front pocket. But my hubby does have a gucci belt that he LOVES!!! :heart:
  10. I would do shoes and a leather belt that way he can wear it with anything!
  11. I like this style of belt but not the canvas.

    Personally on a guy I prefer leather. Depending on what colours he wears how about a nice Guccissima leather belt in the exact same style in chocolate or black?
  12. I agree with the leather. Men don't usually like logo-ed things, plus leather will last longer and be easier to clean.
  13. Just my words :tup:
  14. really nice idea but I'd go with a leather one if possible for a guy then it can be worn with everything :yes: