OK, Hermés experts...

  1. Hubby has declared that he's taking me to Paris next year! Should I wait and try to find a Kelly bag there, or should I try to find an authentic one on e-bay to take with? Can an authentic Kelly bag (in reasonably good condition) be had for under $3k? Red is my preferred color. Yes, it's been a dream ever since seeing Le Divorce. :love:
  2. I vote Paris..hands down! I would be concerned with a hermes bag under $3000, I would find it hard to believe it is not a fake. (unless it is very vintage, and possibly damaged, and on a light color like red, wear and damage will be very noticeable)
  3. Try your luck in Paris, Pseub. I rarely even SEE vintage Red Kelly's. I'd say, save your moola and take the stash to Paris where you just might find the red Kelly of your dreams!!!!
  4. Paris - for the sheer experience of it, too!
  5. WOW Paris!!!! So exciting pseub:nuts: ...I would wait for Paris, the memory will add to your lovely purchase!:love: You will be able to have choices there, who knows, maybe even red vermillion!!!:nuts:
  6. Paris, Paris, Paris...!
  7. I vote PARIS! Ah it's like a pilgrimage of sorts!!!! I can't wait to go (maybe next year!!!)

  8. Always Paris!
  9. Nothing like shopping at the Mothership! (George V and the Paris Hilton aren't too bad, either.)
  10. Definitely Paris!!!:heart:

  11. BUY FROM PARIS !!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Be patient and you will be well rewarded !!
  12. PARIS!!! The selection will blow your mind!
  13. Hiya pseub!!!:flowers:

    Another vote for Paris. What an experience that will be for you. And there's nothing like walking out of the store with you first H bag!

    What a fab choice a red Kelly is! May I say, I like your taste in bags!;)
  14. pseub, definitely purchase from the store here. Not only do you save yourself the headache of authentication but you get to experience the full monty of a Hermes purchase!
  15. Paris hands down!

    Kelly for 3000, I've seen it before.. it was offered to me, a 28 cm choco box calf kelly with g/h, I think it was made in the 1990's or something. The condition was pristine, and I'm still kicking myself for not taking it. Here in my country in the private boutiques, year stamp matters. Somehow if it's an older used bag it will be priced cheaper.