Ok, Here's My Vegas Outlet Purchases!

  1. Sorry I didn't post these sooner. We got home Sunday but Monday was an unpack/laundry/clean the house day and Tuesday and today I worked my frigging 12 (14) hour shift at the hospital.

    Here's the pictures of the things I got at the outlets in Vegas. Had a blast and they had SO many good things! Having three daughters (20, 16 & 15) I really stocked up. They exchange gifts with friends at Christmas so some of these items will go towards that.

    I'll list what I got then post pictures:
    Picture 1: Sorry about the blur. I got this purse because I had a black outfit (DH was there working for his company at a convention so we had a night I had to dress up a bit and wore black) LOL. What an excuse.

    Picture 2: Wallet for me
    Picture 3: Inside wallet

    Picture 4: Wristlet that was around $23. I bought 4 of these for DD's and/or their friends. What a steal.

    Picture 5: Mini Skinny for around $21. Bought 6 of these for gifts.
    coachoutlet.jpg coachoutlet1.jpg coachoutlet2.jpg coachoutlet4.jpg coachoutlet5.jpg
  2. Ok, here's more

    Picture 1: How could I resist! $30. Only got one, for my oldest DD for Christmas.

    Picture 2: Again, couldn't pass this up. Can't remember the price. Only bought 1.

    Picture 3: Wowza. I overdid it.
    Smiley face $9.99 (bought 3)
    Photo keyfobs in pink and brown $14.99. Bought three of each color.
    Letters "K" & "A" were $9.99 Only bought one of each (all I could find)
    Sneaker $14.99 and bought 3
    Heart Coach fob $12.99 only bought 1 (should have bought more)
    Pig Keyfob $14.99 only bought 1 (for me)

    Picture 4? How cute is this belt? Only had it in petite but my oldest daughter wears a 00 so she'll be fine. $35.
    coachoutlet6.jpg coachoutlet7.jpg coachoutlet9.jpg coachoutlet10.jpg
  3. Great buys! You did really well!
  4. Very nice!!! I love everything!
  5. And my last post:

    Picture 1: Some cute scarves for oldest DD and her friends. Some were as low as $12.99. Bought a couple of each.

    Picture 2: Close up of one scarf (the cheapest at $12.99)

    Picture 3: Not an outlet purchase but bought at Caesar's Forum Shops when I got the 4 pair of Katelyn shoes. My youngest daughter collects penguins. Need I say more? LOL!

    Picture 4: Cute little purse for my youngest. She has a demi but this has a long shoulder strap and we're taking a trip to Ireland, Scotland and France this June and she hinted for something she could put over her shoulder.
    coachoutlet12.jpg coachoutlet11.jpg coachpenguin.jpg coachoutlet14.jpg
  6. Thanks gals! I kind of went overboard but living in Montana I don't get to outlets very often. Now my gift closet is full to the brim with great little gifts that averaged around $20. What can you get for $20 these days?
  7. I'm so jealous! You scored some amazing stuff. There are never any charms at my store.
  8. You really got some great stuff! I especially like that cute little shoulder bag for your daughter! I also like the K charm I have been looking for it at my outlets but they dont have it! grrr! =(:yucky:
  9. Great stuff! I really wanted the pig charm when it deleted from the store but I just couldn't seem to justify it. It is so cute!! You got some great stuff, congrats!!!
  10. What a great haul! Love the keychains!! So cute.
  11. I've never seen so much stuff! :p

  12. Omg im so jealous....when i went there they didn't have that many steals...wow i gotta go back and stock up!!!
  13. I am so jealous too! We were in Vegas week of October 28 and I got zip at the outlets! Looks like you did very well!
  14. :tup: Nice!!
  15. Lovely! Congrats!