Ok heres my louis vuitton sad story...

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  1. ok first of all hi!
    im 16 and A LV Lover
    so actually I Love LV cuz my parents are wealthy not as paris hilton but they are so my mom loves LV Too,
    the thing is that Im not allowed to use manpurse (my father & mother(sometimes) they thing it look girly) so they buy me nothing from LV I Only have a wallet and a Keepall cuz I Lived in canada and when I Left mexico (i live in mexico (nice mexico)) they bought it to me but im not even allowed to use a pochette cles!!!
    im so sad cuz im so stylish and i cant have a manpurse not even a pochette gange!

    past week i bought a pochette cles and they finally registered me! (cuz when i got the wallet and the keepall it went into my mom's LV Account) the thing is that i can only use it like when my parents are not around (like in the school and stuff)

    i had to save money so they wouldnt know that i was about to buy it.
    here in mexico everything is more expensive (pochette cles in USA= $160 IN MEXICO=$205 USD)

    yesterday we went to LV cuz my mom got a beautiful Papillon Frame in monogram watercolor
    and i told my dad that i wanted the sport bag damier lune and he told me NO! and i said well at least buy me a Wapity Case And he said NO Too!
    i was so sad! :sad::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    i mean i have my stuff but i will never b able to use it! (till 18 maybe that is in 2 years)

    im so sad! right now im earning to get the wapity case by myself
    also how can i have a good relationship with my SA how do i choose one???

  2. so sorry abt it...it will happen soon:yes:
  3. I'm sorry, sometimes parents want their kids to be a certain way but as parents we need to let our kids express themselves, and let them be themselves, whether its our "ideal" or not. Your parents only you to be happy, maybe they think you'll be harrassed for wearing a manpurse.
  4. I think it's cute that you like LV, but you're 16... maybe they don't want you getting into something like LV until you're a bit older and more mature. I am not calling you immature. Everyone is entitled to like what they like, but... LV is a LUXURY BRAND... most don't acquire an LV until they are working for themselves or are adults.

    I hope they come around though... and good luck saving for yourself. To start building a relationship with an SA, you could go into the store a few times and look at stuff... you will see who you feel comfortable with, etc.
  5. Heyyy.. chin up, you'll be older soon and will be able to live your own life, carrying whatever manpurse you darn well want to! As for chosing a SA, just go into the store, wander around and chat to a few. Ask lots of questions of each one, and you'll find the one who's easiest at answering all your questions for you and doesn't mind showing you things despite you obviously not dripping in money or bling - that one you'll choose to be your SA! Hahaha, kinda like picking a puppy, chose the one that runs up to you and is only too happy to do anything you ask of it! :P

    Wapity is a nice purchase, I have one in black MC and love it. Perhaps you could ask for a catalogue next time you vist, and you could show your parents the mens' range items - Taiga leather, all those gorgeous Damier bags and the Geant range too. Maybe that'll soften them up a bit on the idea of you carrying LV, and from there you could move onto mono bags in mens' styles too!

    So good luck saving.. I never had ANY money growing up so know very well how it feels to want the gorgeous stuff but be unable to have it. Maybe that's why I can't get enough luxe now, I dunno, but I promise you that the waiting makes it SO much sweeter when you can afford it. You'll appreciate the items immensely, and get much more out of the ownership than someone for whom luxury items are a daily given. :love:

  6. Sorry to hear that. My mother is totally different from your parents. She allows me to buy things that I want as long as it is useful and it is really good. I am now 31 years old, and still I listen to my mom's opinion since I just want to make her happy (she's the only one I have now, my dad is already in heaven now + I am the youngest and the only boy), even I buy LV with my own money.
    When I was at your age, I worked hard and managed to buy some luxury goods with my own money and proved to my parents that I take a good care of those luxury goods. Just be patient and I hope that you'll get what you want soon :yes:


  7. ITA! :tup:
  8. hmm, maybe they are scared people will look at you the wrong way.
  9. Why is it that they don't want you to carry it? Is is because of the price of the bags or because they don't think men should carry accesories?
  10. Sorry you feel sad, but I'm sure they have their reasons.
  11. Hi and welcome, Electropop. Just continue saving your money and you will get your wapity. It is actually good to have to save because you will value it more. If you can buy it from the same SA you used to buy your cles, that will be a way of building a relationship.

    I know it sounds like an adult and a cliche, but the two years will pass faster than you know. Then, if you are in college and away from home you can get and use what you want.
  12. Hang in there electro, your day will come!
  13. because they don't think men should carry accesories
    My parents are wealthy
  14. sorry to be a bit of an ass****, but it has nothing to do with being wealthy. I come from a wealthy family... well half... well it gets complicated but ANYWAY...

    In my eyes theyre just antiquated and close minded. im not sure if theyre hispanic, or latino, (since you say you live in MEXICO) but I come from a cuban family and like most hispanic/latin families, they feel that men should express there masculinity at all times as much as possible and frankly carrying a bag, let alone a designer bag, happens to be much more feminine than carrying a hammer, etc.

    BUT FOR SURE, the money has really nothing to do with it. and maybe its not even them!!!
    Perhaps their social circle (in mexico) really hasnt opened up to 21st century fashion and lifestyles. Perhaps theyre afraid of any discrimination that you might have to go through and they dont want you to have to endure that unnecessarily. By prevent you from buying manbags then its all good in the hood.

    best of luck my friend. If you need anymore advice or just dont like the one i gave PM me.
  15. Hey hang in there. You'll get your chance soon enough. I know that sometimes people judge you and it hurts even more if its people you love. But with age comes wisdom and someday it won't matter anymore. Trust me, I've been there.