Ok, here's my Ebay concern

  1. I purchased a set of LV luggage off of eBay. I had this authenticated before buying. I bid and won and the seller required or asked for immediate payment on the auction. Due to the large dollar amount, PayPal required me to pay w/ echeck for some reason. The echeck cleared 3 days after the auction closed. I did contact the seller immediately after winning as I wanted to bid on a Keepall they had also and wasn't sure they would combine. They said, no please pay immediately. So, I did via the echeck and apologized for having to pay via echeck. Now, I paid the extra fee to have it shipped faster since I wanted it for vacation the end of the month. The echeck cleared on the morning of the 15th. I contacted the seller on the 17th (Friday) just to ask if it had shipped and to make sure they noticed the echeck had cleared 2 days before. No response. I again emailed them today to ask if they had shipped, so far no response. Should I be worried. I do consider myself a somewhat "smart" Ebayer at this point and I like to give people ample time to ship etc. I really hated paying via the echeck, but seller did not stipulate no echecks only pay via PayPal. But, given this is over $2000.00 and I paid for immediate shipping for it to arrive w/in 2-3 days and now they have not responded to my emails I am kinda just getting that "oh no" pit in my stomach. How many days should I wait before getting really anxious? Thank you guys!
  2. Eep.
    HOPEFULLY there's nothing to be concerned about, and the echeck has cleared on their end as well as on yours (I am not sure if there's a delay in that, but I guess it's possible??).

    I would pull their contact info and give them a call, explaining why you want the items delivered ASAP. If you can't reach them on the phone, then I suppose the next step would be to file an Item Not Received...if it's not too soon still?
  3. Yeah, I did not really want to be overly-anxious. I know things come up and it gets frustrating w/ overly anxious Ebayers sometime. I just was kinda concerned as I did pay the $125.00 for faster shipping and then for them to not respond to either email is very concerning on a $2000.00 item.
  4. I'm sorry this is happening to you. There is another worry that all ebayers should know about. Recently there have been alot of rumors flying around that eBay employees are giving out user's personal info, like name , address, credit card number, you name it. I didn't believe this to be true until it's just happend to me. I guess I made the mistake of going to the boards to report an item. I got attacked by a mob of people thinking they know everything. This one user on eBay posted my personal info on the thread. Things she could have only known if someone at ebay had given them my info. I wrote an email to ebay saying that I would be contacting law enforcement because this person is stalking me. What reply do i get back??? Account suspension! I'm done with selling on ebay... but this issue isn't over. I plan on contacting law enforcement and my lawyer on this issue. I have googled the name of the user on ebay who is doing this, and this isn't the first time an ebay user has been stalked and their various accounts hacked and personal info spread all over the threads.

    Please watch out.. there is no telling what info they are leaking and to whom!
  5. theshadowbox, that is terrible to hear, but I don't know what is has to do with Shopstomuch's dilemma.
  6. I'm just saying. That's terrible that this is happening , but things could be getting alot worse. Paying alot of money like that in a transcation with a vendor that we all trusted.. Ebay can't be trusted!
  7. LOL.. wasn't sure how that related to mine either but just another bit of tidbit to store. Meanwhile, waiting for my 2k suitcases here.....
  8. If youre really worried, request their information thru ebay and call the seller..
  9. what was paypal's reasoning on why you had to pay via echeck? that doesn't make sense to me...

    i would sit tight for one or two more days. hopefully it has been sent out and the seller is just out for the weekend or something.
  10. I am sure the reason on the echeck came from my end. I had my home flood w/ raw sewage so I am having to replace everything right now and my Ebay purchases have went up and so has my activity on PayPal. I don't mind the extra security on their end having been a victim of identity fraud in the past myself. So having purchased about 4k worth of stuff in 2 days would send a flag up obviously.

    I was hoping the same thing in terms of the weekend, just ansy since they didn't respond to anything yet.
  11. Warning to all ebayers.....the MINUTE you mention LAW inforcement or lawyer or lawsuit to Ebay they will dump you. Then you're on your own because once they do that you can no longer access any part of your account for info.
  12. I don't think that response was part of the concern, she started a topic regarding this situation in the same category.
  13. I know this is off the topic but LOL...Are you guys serious? Thats freaking CRAZY!
    I mean you contacted Ebay because you were concerned about your personal info and they SUSPENDED you?

    Wow, Ebay is really off the wall
  14. Hi everybody. I'm a new member (:yahoo:) and first I have to say sorry for my english... it's not very good :sad: I had an ebay-problem, too. Short Story: I bought an authentic (with receipt!) black Balenciaga Bag... and was very shocked when it arrived. There were many differents to my first Balenciaga Bag, which I have bought on my own. In Shops they aren't allowed to approve the authenticity, so I had to send Fotos to Balenciaga... and argue with the seller. I also had to engage Ebay... at the End I got my money back (it was really a Fake, also the receipt was faked!), but it was a long way... I also treathed with my solicitor but I have to say that Ebay was very helpful...

    So I can only say: Good Luck! :tup:
  15. Ummmm.... ok, now, but since the Ebayer has not responded to my email from today either, would you start getting really anxious and take it a step up requesting personal info to contact them. I really really really want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I did pay for the super fast shipping and it has been 4 days since the echeck cleared w/ no communication.