Ok, here I am again...Sales, day 1

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  1. As usual, on the first day of sales here in Milan it's like a run against time...People running round and round, and so before my head crashed, this morning I decided to visit Balenciaga shop first.
    I can remember these bags:
    Almost every model in dark green (pine?) and light blue (ocean?) FW07
    Twiggy pale magenta
    Black weekender
    Almost every model in Ivory and White
    THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BAG I'VE EVER SEEN: A chocolate(or brown, can't recognize the color...) crocodile city:love:
    Then matelasses, first in every color (FW07) and some green and pink from SS08, nas I said in another post
    GGH red city
    GGH ivory (?) or some light color, city and an other model I don't know the name,it is a "new entry"
    And on sale: Big Violet matelasse, and two non motorcycles styles bags...really nice, whith a chain...
    Sorry, can't remember nothing more, but here Bbags are not common, people don't know them, so you can find many models and colors and hardwares here!!! Just try to phone!!! Or to visit, if you come in Milan!!!:yahoo:
    P.S. The bag I wanted to buy on Diabro is no more available...sigh...(IVORY FIRST)-300€ than in shop...I'll be waiting...
  2. Sorry, I think it's the brief
  3. Thanks for sharing.
  4. thanks for sharing!!
  5. Thank you for reading!!!:tup:
  6. OMG ... the Violet Matelasse Grande?!?! I knew I should have just stayed in Italy instead of coming back to the US in October. :cursing::crybaby:
  7. That's it Grande Violet Matelasse...you can always try to call and ask...Maybe you can buy it with a credit card...
  8. Thanks Vida - wish I could be there - I have a friend in Italy and when visit I never time it right so I miss all the good sales. Maybe next January!!
  9. Sure, or maybe in SS sales in July!!!
    I'll keep on going to see new colors and styles available!!!
    And I'm waiting for all tPFs that will come here in Milan!!!!:yahoo: