ok help! pleeeease asap!

  1. right im on the LV site and pretty much ready to order a pochette... going to cut my losses and just order one however i have no idea which one to get! :confused1:
    i reeeeeally need some help as fast as possible because im so impatient and ive already slept on buying it i just have to pick a style now.
    Damier or Mono, because the weather is crap alot around here there isnt much point in getting the azur and plus id get it too dirty so regular damier or mono?????
    I have a mono speedy and thats it for my LV collection however i dont know if i would LIKE a damier one, so maybe its safer to go for a mono? and if i do can you purchase a strap to wear it like messenger style? would be sooooo handy for my holiday!
  2. my suggestion would be to get the mono then it will match your speedy! I only purchased the damier wallet because i LOVE THE PATTERN. I've avoided the azur because i would get it so dirty too lol!

    I think if you allready have mono get the mono hun, nothing works in fashion like co-ordination! work it! do it!!!!!!!!
  3. I wait for the Azur since they are holding back til Feb 1st. But you can't wait mono pochette would be a safer choice.
  4. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR my cards a debit card and they wont accept this as a type of payment! :cursing:
    this means im going to have to open a bloody credit card if i want to buy online and i dont want to open a credit card ! argh!!!
  5. NOW! it gets even better... i just rung up the cust services no on the website and got through to merseyside police :| i was like erm... :S i wanted louis vuitton! sorry! my god i felt so ashamed! GRRR
  6. why don't you go to manchester or leeds and have a look in person, I think both are good choices but i'd maybe lean towards the damier for variety plus as you said weather is bad here a lot of the time so with damier no vachetta = no stress
  7. label addict, its getting the time to go to manchester, i go to college 5 days a week and then i work all weekend so i literally have no time, i even find it hard to get over to liverpool!
    I dont really mind about vachetta tbh, i got scared when i first got my speedy but its all just blending in together now so it doesnt reeeally bother me. Im thinking about just going through eBay now, but i didnt want to do that really! urgh bloody LV

  8. Are you using louisvuitton.com? Only I managed to pay with a debit card on there.
  9. lol! so funny!!? im in the same position as you! has your debit got electron on it!>? apparently either the visa debit or electron debit wont be taken, not sure which one!
    iv just applied for a credit card to buy my bag from LV and it was bad news cus im a student !:crybaby:
    i would get mono to match! xx
  10. Han - get your bag on Saturday next week when we go shopping in manchester for the meet up.

    JoeyJo & Clare - are you coming too ?

  11. i cant make saturdays :sad: i work! im sorry!
    i cant get time off either :sad:
    yer im paying on louisvuitton.com! and no its not an electron card, i no alot of places have trouble with them my store does! i reeeeeeeeally dont want to buy a credit card because i no it will be there and ill be so tempted :S
    hmm i might try again if JoeyJo managed to pay with a debit card! its just saying my card no. isnt valid :sad: urgh!
  12. sorry I meant Sunday, Im getting mixed up LOL
  13. still not a valid no :sad: IT ISSSSSSSS :sad: ARGH!!!
  14. i have another question, if you buy the bag from LV does the long strap come too? or just the short one?
  15. ^^ just the short strap..u'll need to buy the long one ..