Ok Help Please Part II

  1. So I decided not to drive to the Outlet and send my bag in for repair. To make a long story short I was instructed to by the leather cleaner for a light color factory bag and it took the color off in one spot. Anyway, Could people post their stories about bag repairs and results, what they were compensated etc. Also what type of repair it was thank you so much ! I still don't feel like I should pay $20 dollars, as i only used the bag a few times but if it will save me a trip and also I can't find my receipt so I don't want to get the lowest discounted price, i want the money I paid for the bag. Thanks so much !
  2. I bought a bag off of eBay, had it a couple of weeks ( a signature chelsea hobo) and the stitching was coming undone on the bottom.. took it to the store, they comped it and didn't charge me a dime.. but it took about 4-6 weeks.. I thought it would easily be fixed and they said so too... but then I got a letter saying they couldn't fix it, and the gave me credit for the full retail price of the bag. I was able to use that credit with pce and get my carly and wallet :tup: My mom had a duffle that had the stitching coming undone at the top, she took it in at the same time as me, and they fixed hers perfectly. :shrugs:
  3. Awesome thanks for the info ! Was her stitching (your mother's bag) the same problem as yours ? I don't think they can fix the dye on the bag, if not will they send me a new one or give me credit. I think it was at the outlet a limited time and made just for the outlet. I bought it because of it's unusual color.
  4. the stitching was the same, but mine was at the bottom of my bag and hers was at the top. If they can't fix it they will send you the credit for the amount to replace the bag. HTH :smile:
  5. Thank you !
  6. No problem ;)