OK.. Help please asap!!!

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  1. I bought the GST Maxi in Blue and its pretty big but I just called Chanel and they have the GST in original size in blue now. Do I exchange it for the smaller size or keep the bigger??? Please help as she is holding the bag for me until tomorrow. Also GST maxi is 2995 and reg. size is 2350. Thank you!!
  2. Do you like big bags? Depends on how each looks on you. Personally the GST is the biggest bag I would wear, I can't imagine wearing the Maxi. I'm 5'2.
  3. I think Maxi is too big for GST. I'm 5'5
    By the way, what's the color code on your GST? Is that 84023?
  4. I don't know I will check when I get home, but I remeber it said dark blue on label although it is not dark blue whatsoever
  5. I am 5'4 and wear a size 8.
  6. I personally think the gst maxi is huge, considering I am 5'7 and love the regular gst. If you love big bags, keep the gst maxi otherwise my vote goes for the gst!
  7. What's a maxi GST??!!? I think regular GST is already large but if you like really big bags and can pull it off I say keep the maxi. I actually think I might like a larger GST than the regular GST come to think of it. Can you post photos at all?
  8. PLs5 I am going to try to do that when I get home, I have never been able to post here b/c it always shows as my file being too big. TBH... I was thinking the same, that it was cooler in the larger but now I'm thinking it just maybe too large.
  9. I would go with regular GST!
  10. Anyone know where i can see pics of GST maxi?
  11. Girlnyc76 it depends on what you're using it for too. Will you be carrying a lot of things in it?

    Personally, I would go with the regular size GST.
  12. can you work with the pictures? like on my computer i figured out how to crop and shrink the file size for web page or something like that. and it really wasn't too hard. and it's not like it's a mac or something.... it was just the program that opens my photos... good luck! hope it works! would love to see these bags :smile:

  13. I would go with the regular GST
  14. [​IMG]
    courtesy of lallybelle (source: Hirshleifer's)

    hmm... i think it could work given that its an UNstructured less boxy gst. but actual mod pics would help.
  15. I feel as though the regular GST is BIG enough.