ok, HELP ME, which combo set do you like better??


which combo do you like best??

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  1. I soo want this bag and am gonna break my ban and get it but which wallet do you like best w/it?

    combo1.JPG combo2.JPG combo3.JPG combo4.JPG
  2. #5-#7:
    combo5.JPG combo6.JPG combo7.JPG
  3. I personally adore the french purse-type wallet, so I chose #2. I think it matches the best with the bag. They are all very nice though - you really cant go wrong.
  4. I like #2 or #5.... but #2 the most.
  5. #2 love the compact clutch style, I'm using my black Bleecker one right now!!!! you can fit sooooooo much in it, and seeing how to that hobo is not so big, it would fit better! :tup:

  6. I absolutely agree with this! #2 looks fab!!
  7. #5!!! That way you can indulge in the Heritage Stripe, too, AND it matches your bag. I have the Heritage Stripe zip-around wallet and love, love, LOVE it. It doesn't flip all the way open, so there is no fear of losing things accidentally, and the coin compartment zippers which lasts longer and functions better than kiss-locks. It is long enough that bills don't have to be folded, too, unlike the french purses and compact clutches.
  8. I voted for #1 just because it has the signature C's plus the white stripe and I love the checkbook wallet w/it... very cute!
  9. #2 or #5!
  10. #2 or #5 depending on what size wallet you prefer.
  11. I agree! :smile:
  12. Have you looked at the legacy Thompson french wallet?? Overall my fav is no 2
  13. I like #7, just because the wallet looks a little more "special" than the others...all options are cute. You can't go wrong!
  14. 2 or 4 but I voted for #2.
  15. I did see that one but it's a little too small for me and also not a big fan of the inside set-up of it. I know they make a slim style too but I don't care for that one either.:smile:

    #6 and #7 are LIMITED EDITION and beautiful in person. I actually had ordered #6 last year but returned it and got a different wallet instead. I think though that if I went in this direction that I would get #7 over #6.

    here are the IRL pics of it:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]