ok help me pick

  1. so i am getting myself a little something with my new azur speedy. i just can't decide what. they're finding out for me if i can use a visa checkcard or amzex gift card over the phone. i want to spend up to 300. no heart purse or anything like that but i will take ideas (and i know you all have great ideas)

    they do already have a pomme mutilcles 4 for me or an azur mini pochette. i keep thinking i should just bite the bullet and get a mini lin speedy but i just can't. i would need to use all my gc's and i KNOW they won't allow that over the phone.

    by the way have i said i love kevin at the houston store because i do. maybe it's the accent or the fact that he is so nice to me. or both. he is just the sweetest. i sent my bag back on tuesday and apparently they were supposed to overnight it but they sent it ground so now it's not getting back til monday! i could have had my new bag in my hands RIGHT NOW. sigh. now the earliest will be tuesday because they can't change it to rush since it's already on the way.
  2. oops it was supposed to be a poll.

    1. mutlicles pomme
    2. azur mini pochette accessories
    3. something else.
  3. How about an indigo cles (if you can find one). It will look so nice against azur.:drool:
  4. what about the hollywood or cannes key chains....they are both really cute IRL, and would look great on the azur.


  5. My vote is for the Mini Lin Speedy. Just curious, but why won't they let you use all your giftcards? After all, they are still getting they're money no matter how you pay.
  6. I thought of that too, but they are sold out :sad:
  7. Somebody here had a perle accessory, I think a cles, hanging from their azur and it looked awesome! I would also consider the azur pochette if I were you.
  8. i have a perle cles already so that's taken care of. i was just thinking an indigo mutlicles too. i might ask if they have one. otherwise not sure. i think i should wait for the mini lin. i have so many bags right now... as much as i would KILL for it.
  9. i think i asked for an azur pochette but he only mentioned he had a mini
  10. You know I am going to say the mutlicles pomme!
  11. I just got a mini azur pochette. it is really cute but now i am rethinking it and may possibly return it for something bigger. I think it is too light (in color) to use inside my bags as a make up case or otherwise.

    Maybe wait for the mini lin in dune?
  12. i love the mini pochettes. :love: i highly recommend it--very useful for a small, less spency (your word) little guy!
    of coruse, i so love the vernis (in any of the colors mentioned above) with azur too!
  13. so you are officially no help? lol
  14. yeah, i know, but i never am at these tough choice polls, sorry!:push:
  15. My vote is for the Azur pochette, just so you can match your Speedy. :biggrin: