Ok Help Me Decide.....

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  1. My mom has always wanted a coach purse but she cant ever afford the kind she needs (she needs a good size one for all her stuff) she carries alot of junk lol well I gave her one of mine that I only used a few times, it was not one of my favs it was a med size bag with little cs on it (got it from outlet for 200.00) anyway she loves it...well she wanted to buy me a small bag to replace it I said no,didnt want het to spend that kind of money so she says i will get you a wristlet...well I am stuck between a patent pink cap wristlet and a swingpack ( dillards has one for 99.00) it is black with the black shiny stripe on it...
    I think I am leaning towards the wristlet because I am going to orlando in dec and planned on getting a swingpack (they have them for around 60.00)...and I really want a patent wristlet, I have the pond patent tote and thought it would be a cute contrast to it...
  2. I agree, i think the patent wristlet would be a good contrast to your pont patent tote... IMO...:tup:
  3. I would get whichever one you think you will use the most. Wristlets are darling and nice, but expensive if you don't use it. I have no need for a wristlet but if I did I would really like it.. a swingpack is nice for trips and stuff, personally I wouldn't carry one around normally, but I know a lot of girls on here do. :yes: But I don't have either! :rolleyes: Good luck in your decision! :tup:
  4. I think it would be a nice contrast also! :tup:
  5. thanks guys...i may have to go with the patent...it will also look cute with the legacy lining inside the tote! I am getting the swingpack for when we go to places like disney or the zoo...you know outings and we will not be traveling until we go to orlando so I can wait to get it when we get there I guess....
  6. I love the patent wristlets! I think you are making a good choice.
    What color were you thinking of getting in patent?

  7. the pink patent capacity wristlet.....it is soooo cute
  8. Are the capacity wrislets larger than regular wristlets?
  9. Pink patent wristlet, definitely!
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