Ok, help me decide....


Which purse, Monogram Canvas Riveting or Suhali Le Talentueux

  1. Monogram Canvas Riveting

  2. Suhali Le Talentueux

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  1. Ok, here is my real dilema.... I have already told some, but in July the city I live in let their sewer system back up and flood my home. I lost ALL my shoes and purses. So, I am trying to replace some of them with exact styles of what I had and some just doing something different or newer. I am left w/ trying to find an Epi in blue. I had a Speedy, but not sure if I want another since I bought a Speedy in Mocha.... now, the question. I saw a girl in the Coach store the other day with the Monogram Canvas Riveting purse and I really really LOVED it. Then my fav fav MPRS seller listed a Suhali Le Talentueux which I really like also. I tend to carry "bigger" purses... guess I am a quantity gal, but I do like to mix it up occassionally. So, I really really need some help deciding. I have mostly the monogram canvas, a Damier Alma, a MC Speedy 30 and now 2 Epi's (one red petite noe and the Mocha Speedy). Which purse would you buy if you were deciding? The Suhali Le Talentueux in plum or the monogram canvas Riveting purse? Any help deciding would be soooooo appreciated because I really am stuck. I considered selling a couple of my mono canvas's but I cannot decide on that either, so I said ok, I will just get one or the other.
  2. I'd go for the Riveting. As much as I love the Le Talentueux, I think the riveting is just more practical for everyday wear. However, if you want a little change, go for a Suhali since you already have Mono!
  3. I'd choose the riveting too.
  4. Great, thanks.... your opinions are helping so much
  5. I'd choose the riveting as well...love that bag!
  6. I voted Suhali by accident.. I meant to vote for the Mono Riveting!
  7. Riveting :love:
  8. voted for suhali. It's much prettier.
  9. Tough choice... I just keep staring at one and then the other... lol
  10. Riveting! I'm so sorry you lost your collection.
  11. Suhali line gets my vote.
  12. I vote for Suhali. :yes:
  13. Thanks guys. I have a few Riveting I am watching on eBay.