OK...HELP me decide!

  1. Alright...I got my Sapin Box and Grenat Purse in today!!!! Now, my question is which one should I keep? I'm keeping the Box for sure but should I keep my Grenat Part Time or the Grenat Purse? Also, I have a Truffle Purse so if I keep the Grenat Purse I will need to get rid of that one, too. Tell me what you would keep if you could only have 1 Grenat and 1 Purse style. Thanks!




  2. I vote to keep grenat part-time, the truffle purse and the saping box. The part-time is gorgeous!
  3. Here are some more pics.




  4. Grenat CITY.

    You have the box, you have the purse. So, CITY it is.:smile:
  5. Personally, I'm a PT girl and the PT Grenat is gorgeous. However, if you prefer the Purse, keep the Grenat Purse, sell the PT and the Truffle Purse and then you can buy 2 bags with the money since you have a shoulder in Truffle.
  6. I would keep the PT because the colour is better and the leather looks nicer however I would also get rid of the truffle purse and get a more vibrant colour because IMO truffle is blah but then again thats IMO! good luck x

  7. yeah I totally agree w/h cracker you could spend the money from the two bags on an older colour like pumpkin or eggplant etc - something that would hold value IMO
  8. I like the color on the PT better and I love the PT but I am scared if I let go of both Purse's that it will be hard to find another one. I really do want a Purse in a more "wowing" color though.
  9. Grenat part-time (lovely, by the way!).
  10. Grenat Part-Time!
  11. I agree that the PT has the best leather, so it's definitely a keeper.
  12. Please keep all your opinions coming! Do ya'll think I should get rid of both the Purses? I really want a Purse so I am confused on what to do.:shrugs:
  13. I think that's a great idea.......sell the two Purses and search for one that's in a WOW color. Part of the fun of shopping for Bbags is the hunt.
  14. Keep the Gernat PT and look for a different color in the Purse style.:yahoo:
  15. truffle purse and grenat PT