OK HELP ME DECIDE......going to LV on Saturday!!


what should I get this Saturday??

  1. Wapity case

  2. Pochette Accessoires

  3. Papillon 26

  4. Speedy 25

  5. Wapity & Pochette

  6. Wapity & Pap

  7. Wapity & Speedy

  8. Pochette & Pap

  9. Pochette & Speedy

  10. NOTHING..........save my $$$$$!!

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  1. I am taking a trip to my local LV store this Saturday so please help me decide!! All options are only in the monogram print and only the sizes listed as it's in my budget (sorta). Ok so here goes:

    1. Wapity case $275
    2. Pochette Accessoires $285
    3. Papillon 26 $615
    4. Speedy 25 $595

    Now keep in mind. I already have the porte monnais billets wallet and the coussin purse. Also I'm not a big fan of the saggyness that the speedy gets when you put your stuff in there. I like to keep my purses small as I really don't carry alot - wallet, camera, cell, nano, keys, lipstick. I did buy the wapity already to use for an "on the go" thing to fit my phone, credit cards, id, lipstick and cash or to use as a camera case in my coussin, although it kinda makes for not only a tad big of a camera case (there's alot of extra room) but also one damn expensive one, so I am sorta considering trading it in for the pochette as it can carry it on the shoulder. I can afford to get two items being the two cheapest (pochette & wapity) or one cheap and one big one (pochette/pap or pochette/speedy or wapity/speedy or wapity/pap) but not both big ones (speedy & pap).

    Also please keep in mind that although I would of course LOVE to buy more LV stuff, it's not exactly a necessity and not exactly within our budget. I am a stay at home mom with two little boys (who grow so fast) and we are in debt (who isn't??) and have a big mortgage. So buying more LV stuff right now isn't really practical but I only have the 1 purse right now as I returned a Coach one DH bought me for Xmas.

    So time to help me make up my mind......................PLEASE!!!
  2. I'd go with the Wapity and the Speedy..or the Pochette and the Wapity.

  3. I agree:yes: but you must come home with something not empty handed and post pics asap:nuts:
  4. I chose speedy & Pochette/handheld & shoulder bag...
  5. I would look around first, there so many options you may fall in love with something not on the list! : )
  6. I think so too. :smile: I often go into LV with something in mind then change my mind completely. But on your list I would definitely go with a small and big item so you have two sizes to choose from. As to which ones, you should take a look at them before you decide.
  7. I vote pochette & speedy or speedy alone everyone needs a speedy it fits lots and is a really useful bag
  8. Ok. I am torn here. You should get either a Speedy 25 or a Pochette accessoires. Re: these are classics. The pochette is small, but you can also purchase a shoulder strap, which would enable you to use it and be hands free, if you are going shopping, etc. I am able to fit my phone, keys, Ludlow wallet, and passcase, maybe some lip gloss, or my inhaler. If need be, I can also put my glasses, by using a smaller keychain. I once fit a tiny folding umbrella in also. It can also attach to the ring in another bag. This was great for travel, because I could pull it out of a larger bag
    But my lifestyle is different. You might want something with a strap, since you have kids. The Speedy 25 has a lot more room, without being a suitcase. It was my second piece after the Pochette Accessoires. I have seen many postings on eBay of Speedys that were purchased by young mothers who tried to use them, but found they needed something with a strap.
    Stick to classics, if money is an issue, because you want to be practical and limit spending. It's easy to rack up debt, not as easy to pay it off.
  9. Pochette & Speedy...two classics that every stylish girl/woman should own.
  10. Speedy for sure...it's a must-have bag. Absolutely, it's really classic forever.:yes:
    And, Wapity...I think it's worth to buy. It's a everyday-use bag...I use mine as cosmetics case today and tomorrow I will use it as camera case. :idea:
  11. wapity and speedy I have both they are a great duo to go out with
  12. speedy + pochette. I have both and no regrets
  13. I opt for the wapity and speedy as well.. classic...
  14. I'd get only the Speedy and save the rest $$ :yes:

  15. agree