Ok, have I missed the boat?

  1. Hi

    I am so in love with the grey inclusion bracelet, and it is out of stock in the UK, online have I completely missed the boat or is there any chance of getting one in the store?

  2. When were they ever in? I want one too :crybaby:
  3. Oh, they were beautiful! They're not being sold anymore?
  4. From the info I have, they have not been released yet! My LV had a grey key chain and hair cubes (i think it was the cubes, mayber the barette) but no rings or bracelets yet!!!
    I'm impatiently waiting for the rings!!
  5. Don't feel bad, we're still waiting over here for the bracelets too. :sad:
  6. sometimes things pop up on Vuitton.com before they are actually available so they show out of stock even though it's never been in stock kwim? You should be ok just keep checking
  7. Thanks everyone - there is still hope then:graucho: