Ok hair question...

  1. So i'm wanting to get my hair chopped off...it's about 2 1/2 feet long and i'm wanting to get it cut off too about 3 inches in front and about 1 1/2 inches in the back...is it a good idea...any suggestions...
  2. Let me make sure I understand. You want to go from long flowing hair to a short butch boyish haircut?
  3. Thats kind of drastic for an immidiate change... why not do it slowly, gradually getting it cut shorter? theres no going back if you decide it was a mistake to cut your long hair.
  4. I did it three years ago... my hair was halfway down my back and one day I got sick of it and decided to chop it all off... cold turkey... it felt great!!
    Hair is a very personal thing though, I see people at the salon crying for losing just a couple of inches.
    I say go for it... it feels very liberating and always remember that hair grows back.
  5. ^I Totally Agree!!!

    My hair is just above my waist and has been for most of my life. One time I cut it shoulder length and hated it! I wished I would have cut a few inches off at a time, rather than chopping it off. You can always get more cut off, if it still seems too long.
  6. Hard to say if it's a good idea. I think we'd have to know how it might look on you before we gave you any opinions.
  7. If you have a regular stylist you should consult with her. She will know you better than you know yourself! I have clients that I know I can shave their head and they'll hop-skip out of the salon pleased as punch and then there's the one's who are always looking over their shoulder at the ground to see how much length I'm cutting off!
    As a stylist, I know it's only hair and will grow back but you don't want to have that outlook GOING IN to a new style. If I hear a client ask me for a drastic cut over a period of several visits then I will generally let them have it unless they're the gutsy type then I just give it to them!
    It is hard to say if you should do this without knowing your face type, your personality, how attached you are to your hair and what type of maintainance you're used to. Keep in mind that if you don't like it your hair only grows about 1/2" per month and you are cutting off literally YEARS worth of growth. If it's truly what you want, go for it! Keep in mind, as well, that shorter cuts really need the perfect dimensional haircolor or they end up looking like helmets. That is added expense and maintainance. Short hair cuts require more frequent visits to the salon as well. Be prepared for that additional obligation both financially and with your scheduling.
    What I can advise is that if you do decide to cut it you should consider donating it to Locks Of Love in Florida. They make wigs for children suffering from cancer.
  8. I've had hair almost touching my butt all my life, until last year, when I gradually started going shorter. My hair's now in a Posh Spice style bob and i love it! It's so much quicker to style!
    I wouldnt chop it all off at once, but do it gradually! And always remember that hair grows back! (and there's always extensions!)
  9. erm i kind of agree too. it might be too big of a change.

    i'm not sure what prompted you to cut it that short. if it's bc of an event (break up, bad day at work etc). you might regret it after its gone...

    go slow IMO....