OK~ Had a tough day yesterday...justifiable purchase..Hormonal Shopaholic..shhh!

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  1. So~ I had been watching this for a while and contiplated it...good decent price, Limited and I do not have a "going" out bag as I returned my amarante sunset.

    I am on a ban....I owe DH for my recent purchase...but he made me upset yesterday and I got to feeling a little revengeful. I do this sometimes...

    I get revenge by shopping, but once again I do not have a going out bag and as soon as this baby hatches, I am losing the weight, getting into my newly purchased Hudson Jeans and rockin' a night out with......

  2. Yay! IMO this is the PERFECT baby bag. I use it with the long strap and my diaper bag. HOlds the essentials that you need and allows hands-free. You'll love her.

    Hope things are better with baby!!!
  3. yay congrats on your gorgeous purchase!!! it's TDF
  4. Good for you!! A little retail therapy is good!! LOL! Congrats!
  5. I just love the sophie. Congrats!!
  6. OMG! Rileygirl...THAT is EXACTLY what I was thinking! You need to move close to me so we can be BFF!:nuts:...You and I are on the same page a lot!

    Thanks for the well wishes!~ PM me sometime!:supacool:
  7. Haha, I'm a hormonal shopaholic as well :sweatdrop:

    Congrats on your beautiful new bag :nuts:
  8. Good for you! Great LE bag at a great price. BTW, I like to call it 'revenge shopping'. Haven't done it for a while, though! Hmmmm.....
  9. YAY!!! I'm glad someone on tPF got it! I contemplated it...but am staying strong!!!
  10. Congrats!!! It's so cute!

  11. You are:angel: me I am the :devil: I am totally blaming the hormones on this one...

    Stay stong and keep to your list:smile:
  12. so lovely! enjoy!
  13. Great minds think alike. Now that my first born is older I use Sophie to carry wallet and cell then throw the baby things in my BH. Hubby thinks I am totally NUTS using the BH as a baby bag, but carrying the two together looks sooo HOT!

    My latest ridiculous hormonal idea is that I NEED a cary all or keep all to bring to the Hospital...if my hubby isn't nice to mee for the next 7 weeks I may go out and have his CC buy me one.

    I'll PM you...I'll let you enable me to get my first Epi piece.

  14. Lol congrats!! So you're the one who bought it! :graucho:
  15. I have a keepall! You must get one! I love it! it is the 55 with strap....:heart:

    Rebecca~ I HAD to....just could NOT LOL!
    I used my BH with my son last year when he was 2. Perfect for toddlers!