Ok, Guys let me have it!!!

  1. [​IMG][​IMG] I got bored today and look what I bought, Let me have it! :Push:
  2. is the red one a wallet or a clutch? i like it. congrats
  3. Wallet:yes: Thanks!
  4. Are you kidding???? :wtf: I love these! I adore these!! Have been severly tempted recently, even though I might carry them just 2x in a lifetime!!

    Good for you ... what a treat. :girlsigh: Enjoy!
  5. I love carrying a fun wallet. Keeps me from getting bored in my suits.
  6. Congrats! Those are super adorable!
  7. Those are very cool! I love the wallet.
  8. Thnks alot Guys, you all are so sweet. I appreciate the comments. One thing you can say about Isabella Fiore, she is artistic. :true:
  9. Bumping this thread ... I finally succumbed!! :yes:

    Love this one as it doesn't have those goofy pockets on the back. It's so big, I plan to use it more as luggage than as a handbag ....

    Isabella Easy Rider Framed Bag At Nieman Marcus ...

    Does anyone else like this stuff? :P
  10. Like the bags, just not my style:flowers:
  11. Never really liked the easy rider Stuff. I guess because they seem limited. I wouldn't carry it to work...or a funeral...or for dress. I like bag that crosses over more easily. But they are artistic for sure, and unusual, a real conversation piece. They tend to be a tad more colorful that I like...but with that said... I adore IF bags for the most part, but I lean to the boring side.
  12. I fell senselessly in love with the Ed Hardy trend, so I can definitely understand... :-P I think they're adorable.
  13. your new wallet is gonna be so easy to find inside your purse now! :idea:
  14. Rock on! OK, these aren't my style but I do love a lot of IF! (I've got 3) :graucho:
  15. its got a very neat design :smile: