Ok guys i think im ready to do the big leap into scarfs!

  1. I don't know if its a good idea or not! The RTW sale is next week so i might pick a sale scarf (does scarfs go on sale during the RTW sale?)to see if its really me, if not at least it was less than regular retail. (btw does anyone have any idea of what could possibly be on sale, and please post pics, expect bolduc I don't know scarfs by name yet) ok as a guy the only ways i would wear it is as a neck scarf, tied onto jeans (if it looks good), pocket scarf (if i get a pouchette) as doo-rag style (mostly this) but i am concerned if it will look hmmmm un-sophisticated i guess. i don't really know its it me, i have this image that i really nice patterned Hermes scarf will look really chic, but if its anything other than that I dont really want it.

    ok so the question is, what scarf and style to get. I was thinking pouchette as it is the most versatile for my uses, but will it fit around my head and have enough material to tie up? does it look too flouncy around a guys neck? would a twilly be a better more masculine option? I dont want a full scarf because a.) i can only ever wear it as a head scarf style its too big for anything else b.) price.

    I would like it in an orange color, i like the first three styles of pouchettes on the website, but they dont show you a full picture which is really annoying does anyone have any pics of theirs by any chance?
    the first one (and i think fave) is the Eperon d´Or (by fluke it has the name printed on the site) but does it come in a orange colorway?
    the second is an orange flowery flowing symmetrical design which i like too again need to see the full pic.
    and the third is similar only with what looks like horse stirrups and whips, i like this too but i dont know with all the white and orange stripes that its too much.

    So ladies and gents what ur opinion to scarf or barf?
  2. I was trying to find Tenshi's pic for you, but it's been removed. Perhaps he will re post that great pic. I love the way he uses his pochette.

    The only time I have seen a guy wear a full size scarf was at H, Mad Avenue. One, very flamboyant SA had it draped around his neck....fab.
  3. Cravat style is nice, too, but may be a bit foppish. IMO, you have to be a fashion forward male to carry off this look.
  4. yeah i've seen a male SA at madison wear his like a tie. interesting... a bit hard to pull off though. do-rag style might be nice but you would need to find a masculine or subtle pattern...
  5. Finding it a bit hard to imagine naughtymamalo, how would you tie it round your head?
  6. im new to scarves also so i dont know the names but i think the new one with the little trinkets and things on would be perfect for you. is it called in my pocket? something like that im sure. its really nice in the white colour way.
    it would look great teid like a bog poofy cravat under a shirt.
  7. actually, i have seen a few guys on tv, who have worn scarfs , sort of casually tied with open neck shirts and they look rather tasty!!:heart:
    How about the pocket Vif Argent, dont know if it comes in orange as a pocket though
    vifargent pocket.jpg
  8. Manolo,
    In my opinion as well it's not for every guy...;).

    here's a couple of impressions for you to see the way I wear mine and if you feel like you
    can pull it off, then do it & be confident, 'cause that's the most important part about it.



    those were all taken with my Musique de Sphères pochette. Bicolor patterns work best
    in my view and can be a great enrichment to the right ensemble.

    ...I'll see if I can still find the one picture Rose was referring to...
  9. Thanks Tenshi, I was referring to the one you posted in the scarf thread.

    Here is JD

  10. I think you look fabulous wearing yours Tenshi, and i can remember your other pics.
  11. :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
  12. I found it Rose!

    That's a rather formal way, but it's a nice alternative if you don't feel like wearing a tie...

  13. here` s Billy Zane
  14. Thanks for the compliment, Raz!
  15. [​IMG]