Ok guys help me pick please

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  1. Black boston wave bag on sale for 989 , or Britt tote in off white, cream color ( I have this in black , it's the best tote! ) on sale for 919, I can only get one bag. I have the small princy boston coming my way next week in white, Oh yes I do love all white bags, it's a sickness lol. I can't make up my mind. I love both equally. I hate these sales, I still havent bought my Chanel lol , cause I am a sucker for sales and deals!!!
  2. Black boston wave bag....seriously is creeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaazy hot!! YUMMY! :smile:
  3. Black Boston wave.....I have the black wave hobo and I love it to pieces!
  4. the boston! :yes:
  5. I hopt the black boston is still there for me on friday, she said it might be presold to someone else. I hope I hope. Thanks all!