ok guys, dumb question?

  1. ok, I recently got my MC speedy, will post pics as soon as I can, but my question is, does the MC speedy have a lock on it? A friend of mine who buys LV all the time swears up and down that the MC speedy has a lock. I've seen the MC speedy in this forum, but I didn't see any with a lock. Am I wrong?
  2. the lock is on the side of the bag. it doesn't come with a regular padlock like the other speedies.
  3. oh ok that's what I thought, my friend kept telling me that it comes with a padlock.
  4. ^^ and a clochette right? i don't have a mc speedy but i'm pretty sure that's how they're sold.
  5. ok, another dumb question (sorry), what is a clochette? I seriously need to get updated with these terms.
  6. No padlock like all the others
  7. my MC speedy (purchased from ELUXURY) has a set of keys inside the clochette that I don't always attach to the bag.. but they unlock (if locked) the side lock/top zipper and then the bottom smaller pocket I think-but I never lock them. However, they are built in locks, not removable locks like other speedy bags. Does that make sense?? Hope that helps.
  8. The clochette is the piece of leather that hangs off of the bag that holds the keys:
    [Pic is from eBay's Pugletlov]

  9. congrats on your speedy totally jealous:yes:. and your questions werent dumb ones. ;)
  10. thank you john for helping me out with the clochette term. I just learn so much from this forum
  11. Congrats! Can't wait to see modelling pics!