OK, Guilty pleasure, who watches Reno 911?

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  1. I am watching it now and am laughing my behind off.

    I cannot be the only one who loves this show!

    I love Junior and Weigel in particular.

    BTW, my other favorite is still BtVS - I've seen every episode about 4 times. But my new favorite is Reno 911! due to the pure simplicity laughing of it all!!
  2. I'm not a regular watcher but it is REALLY funny, that show is a mess, lol. Did you ever see the one with the cirque de soliel people, LMAO!!!
  3. Dh and I occasionally watch this show. The guy in the short shorts always cracks me up!
  4. I never saw the show, but TIVO'ed the movie when it came up on cable. My husband and I watched it with really low expectations....and ended up laughing so hard! Since then we've watched a couple of shows and think it's funny, but have yet to add it to our TIVO rotation.
  5. I tooootally love this show. Comcast has it on demand and I watch it all the time!

    Its always good for laughs, especially when theres nothing new on tv