OK GUCCI Thats it!!!!

  1. stay with me here I am in the right forum......

    I have a guccissima 4-key wallet, a little after I bought it a loop fell out so I took it back to the store and they ordered me a replacement saying it would be in next week, 1 month passes and I go back to the store to see what is taking so long. nobody has much of a clue so I just ask for a refund so I can get an LV one instead. But store policy says they exchange not refund on faulty items ( I was too tired to argue).

    Anyway turns out new key holder is there so I get the exchange.

    Today on the way to the car the loop comes out!! It's been less than 6 months since I exchanged it.

    So here is where LV comes in I like key wallets and want another but as Gucci and Burberry fell to pieces on me it's time to bring in the LV

    So guys help me decide which LV Key wallet to get!!
  2. mines not exactly the same but i got a Gucci ring for xmas last year and it wasnt the style i wanted so i went to exchange it... none of my size in stock so i place an order get told 2/3 weeks 1 month max! hear nothing at all so i ring up constantly have the manager on the phone to italy and everything and it wasnt until mid MARCH that it came in! yay finally... doesnt fit :| i was NOT pleased so i agreed to get it resized but then thought no im fed up or waiting and they agreed to refund me (until i found an armarni one i wanted more and got an exchange instead)( it was from goldsmiths not gucci but they were dealing with Gucci over the time) i was so angry but i love this ring more, its prettier and well it didnt really put me off gucci but :biggrin: good luck with your LV keywallet! i like the vernis
  3. I have the 4 key mono holder and love it! But, I only use it for my house keys-I keep my car keys separate. You might want to check out the 6 key holder if you want to put your car keys on it also.
  4. i love my red pomme vernis one...
  5. oooh! Get the Vernis 4-key multicles!! The pomme one is so juicy and is TDF :drool:
  6. ITA!!!! I was going to say get a Monogram Canvas Multicles, but Vernis sounds even better! ;)
  7. vernis pomme or framboise
  8. I have the Damier and I LOVE it!
  9. I say Framboise:drool:
  10. Damier ? Am I the only one repping for damier here ?! :graucho:

    Sorry to hear about your crappy Gucci experience. :sad:
  11. I love pomme.
  12. I have the 4 key framboise and love it - and it takes a beating and still looks brand new...
  13. I think pomme vernis 4-key or classic monogram. Depends which is more your style.
  14. Vernis in pomme.