Ok Gucci girls, need some help debunkingsome fakes! plz help!

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  1. Ok, I bought a Gucci bag and purse last Christmas and basically I have concerns for their authenticity. They were bought from a website based in London who offer designer bags with a slightly cheaper price tag. The company, when I emailed them a while ago said that I couls send them back but since I didn't want to go accusing them of selling me a fake incase they weren't I just left it. Now, however, I can't stand thinking that they could be fake and so if anybody could help that would be great. I will take loads of pics and post them on here. Thanks
  2. Ok, heres some (bad) photos of the bag. My concerns for it are that the inner tag writing isn't centred and the number on the back of the tag doesn't seem very clear. It reads 130939 2123. The zipper on this bag does have gucci written on the underside of the metal as well as on the underside of the metal at the other end of the zip.
    The canvas of the bag looks much neater than that of the purse and is slightly thinner (ie. GG bit). The card which came with this bag along with its contralato is a white square card (Gucci on front, a number on the back 311 9143A and has the fold out italien/french/chinese/english. However, the card that came with the purse is much smaller and much whiter. The one with the bag has english starting with 'the distinctiveness....' whilst the one with the purse starts 'Leather like all natural...' The card which came with the purse has the english written in the middle rather than at the end. Ok, this is rather long but I'll go get the purse pics now.
    bag.jpg dustbag inside out.jpg dustbagfront.jpg inside bag.jpg tagbag.jpg
  3. Ok, the purse, to me, looks very suspicious when compared to the bag. The GG logo appears to be slightly thicker which I read in the thread about gucci is seen on fakes. The serial number can barely be read, it starts 131854 then something with a seven. The card with the purse is much smaller than that which came with the bag and is much whiter and has no number on the back. On the side of the box with the purse is a white sticker with lots written on it.
    Theres a barcode top left with 8009962008 under it and below that another number 001508 and again below that P.F.D. (I.545)ORIG.GG/PIG SKIN with a barcode to its right. Above the barcode on the right is PEL00614001 and above that to numbers 035 131854 R 5408 and 05474R 05408 9643

    I'll try to show how it looks as can't take a clear pic.
    *BARCODE* 035 131854 R 5408
    8009962008 05474R 05408 9643

    001508 PEL00614001
    Sorry this is so long but I just hate to think I have a fake and so would much rather be sure so that if it is fake I can get my money back and go to gucci x

    The reason I've put this as a thread is that theres so many pictures
    contralntagpurse.jpg pursefronta.jpg pursebackopen.jpg purseback.jpg
  4. Ok, I'll have to post pictures in the morning as have to go collect my boyfriend in 5 mins but I wanted to outline my concerns in a slightly easier way to read than my previous posts in this thread.

    -Seems to look good in terms of stitching, canvas etc when compared to the bag on Gucci's site
    -However, the date code, although off centre in some authentic bags seems a bit too off centre to me
    -Date code is there but appears quite faint (the bottom row of numbers) It does have the curly 2's that are mentioned in other posts though
    -Bag comes with the correct cards
    -Dustbag appears off to me when I look at the Gucci real vs fake pics in the other thread

    -Very difficult to read date code
    -Stitching appears fine, very neat etc
    -Logo appears slightly thicker than normal as shown in the real vs fake pics in other thread (However I noticed that my LV bag and purse seem to differ in logo thickness a bit and they came from LV store)
    -Card is not same as one that came with bag, it has no number on the back and has less writing of which english isn't in the same place as on the one with bag

    Anyhow, gotta go now, will post pics in morning, thank you
  5. Ok, heres pics of the bag. Sorry for the bad pic of the date code, couldn't get the camera to take a good one without the flash messin it up
    HPIM0054.jpg HPIM0071.jpg HPIM0072.jpg HPIM0075.jpg HPIM0073.jpg
  6. Ok and here's some more. Two of the dustbag one inside and one outside. Its the dustbag that got me paranoid after I read the real vs fake thread. The websitebought from wasn't even that much below retail and yet i'm so paranoid that they're fake. Oh, the dustbag doesn't have a white Gucci tag inside x
    HPIM0075.jpg HPIM0076.jpg HPIM0099.jpg HPIM0100.jpg
  7. ok, now onto the purse. I couldn't get a picture of the date code as was too difficult to picture. The date code is were it should be and matches the box but the end few numbers a re very faint.
    HPIM0079.jpg HPIM0080.jpg HPIM0082.jpg HPIM0083.jpg HPIM0084.jpg
  8. Ok, more of the purse and one of the two cards next to each other. The first one in the pic is from the bag. The one with the purse worries me as is different and has different writing inside, arghh please help :sad:
    HPIM0086.jpg HPIM0088.jpg HPIM0091.jpg HPIM0097.jpg HPIM0094.jpg
  9. Regarding the handbag, the Gucci tag & serial number font are both off.

    For the wallet, if you cannot take a picture on the serial number font, we cannot tell. Yup, fakes are getting so good these days.
  10. To me the font on the tag of the bag looks quite accurate when compared to the pictures of the real ones. The numbers on the serial number follow the real ones with the curly twos etc. The company have emailed me back assuring me that they only sell genuine products and have been for many years although I hate not truly knowing
  11. If you can get your money back, you should send them back. The serial number font is so off.

    I've this abbey in pink, please see attached my serial number for you to compare.
  12. I can't see the difference between them, maybe I'm just not very good at this but to me the font appears exactly the same on my bag to the one in your picture. My photo doesn't make it easy to see but when you look at mine straight on the numbers are shaped exactly like that. I'm trying to get a better pic now but the flash keeps messin it up. The site is asking me for proof from a Gucci store if the items are not genuine as they cannot just give me a refund due to how long ago I bought them x
  13. Huh????? :confused1:

    Gucci will not authenticate bags that aren't bought from them. You've to contact my poupette or caroldiva for proof. Good luck. :smile:
  14. I've heard of people getting bags authenticated at Gucci before, they won't necessarily put it in writing and they may confiscate the item but some stores will do it x
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