OK, got the call for the Hamstead. Hamstead Vs Mini Lin Bucket???


Hamstead Vs Mini Lin Bucket

  1. Hamstead PM/ MM

  2. Mini Lin Bucket

  3. Another shoulder bag (£500/ $1000)

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  1. Hi everyone!!! Yay got a call for the hamstead PM and MM (Put my name down on both). But i have been looking on the website and I think i am in love with the mini lin bucket, i couldnt believe it when I saw you get a little pochette with it as well!!:yes:
    So a Q, Hamstead or Mini lin bucket? Do you think the bucket is an older style? (im 19) Thats the only thing im worried about!

    Also im slightly confused; I dont know who my SA is!? Will it be the SA that rang me about the waitlist or the SA (manager) who has served me for all my bags?:shrugs: Maybe the manager wants to get rid of me! lol

    TIA xx
  2. I'm loving the Hamstead MM. Thanks goodness it's a permanent line. This will have to wait for me. But get it, it's beautiful.
  3. I really like the Mini Line Bucket especially in Dune colour and with the cles on it, it looks so cute
  4. Mini lin in dune. ^_^ It's more fun and frankly I think the plate on the damier is too much and it looks silly on the bigger ones.
  5. yeh im edging more towards the mini lin, i have done a search but nothing has come up with anyone carrying it. has anyone got pics, carrying your mini lin bucket? xx
  6. mini lin in dune although I still love the hampster but damier tends to make people look older and more mature
  7. Hampstead MM
  8. Definitely Hampstead- not feeling the mini lin bucket.
  9. Hampstead, hands down!
  10. Yikes- tough choice.. I love both bags. The damier is elegant and like Cynthia said more mature. The mini lin is so pretty and cute, and I think a bucket isn't an "old" style at all- I got a mono bucket when I was 23 and loved it. My choice would be the Hampstead..(bites nails).. oh I don't know I'm no help!! lol good luck with your decision
  11. Hampstead!
  12. I love the Hampstead MM.. it looks more professional to me (in case you want to use it for work as well!)
  13. I like both designs but I despise all canvas linings inside, so I voted for the Hampstead:yes:
  14. I like damier it's classy so i vote for Hampstead, good luck !
  15. I vote mini lin bucket! I don't think it's an "old" style; I carry one all the time and I'm 20 (well turning 21 very soon!). Everyone around me agreed that it was much better in real life and suited me just fine, and they also had "old lady bag" concerns in the beginning! I'll take new pics of me wearing it and post in a bit!