ok glove pics please

  1. i love the look of h gloves but i have searched and have found too many pics. i was wondering if anyone has any pics they could post. i am particularly interested in the ones with some sort of hardware. so far it is the Hapi buckle ones, kelly closure and the padlock ones, please post others i want to be sure of which is my fave.

    p.s. how smart am i decideing i want gloves in the week days of spring in my country.
  2. No pics NM, but there is also the CDC hardware. There are some with the H cutout. They also have opera length and elbow length gloves. Some with mink trim. I also got to try the muff and it's ssssoooo soft. There's also driving gloves, equestrian gloves. I can go on and on.

    Oh, how did your project go?
  3. Here ya go, J:
  4. ^^^Oh, right. I forgot about the salad gloves.

    Not that I wanted to remember them.
  5. You love them.
  6. J - I have some nice pics I can scan in the morning for you.
  7. You know, J, for your needs, a pair of driving gloves may be just right for you. They're perforated and unlined so they won't be too warm.
  8. OMG thats it! thats the one! lol sorry but that is just a waste of some good leather and professional leather maker's skills.

    thanks K i will appreciate that, did u see the gloves at the last H sale? my SA told me about them at they were a steal at $300!!! but i didnt want to buy them over the phone and i didnt get a chance to visit the store. if they were a really hot style i will kill myself lol. I'll pretend they weren't my size.

    I think a nice little hardware would be cute, i dont know about CDC is it really overwhelming? maybe if it on the underside? lol

    HG: My projects all went great, i posted some pics somewhere lol i am most confident in my Art (internal 95%) and English (internal 41/50), i didn't do so well in textiles (it was a correspondence course, so i didnt have a teacher) in 3 weeks i grad HS!!!!! then the hell study month comes along.

    gloves will be useful in the early morning cold train rides to college (provided i am accepted) i love the look of holding gloves too lol its so vogue paris editorial.
  9. ^^^Goodness, we've got the next Hamish Bowles!!!!

    Keep us updated!!
  10. Maybe you can get one of those riding gloves. Ok, I'm kidding.

    I saw some with the kelly closure thing at the wrists. OMG I would totally want to buy them for my next winter (which is in like 2 YEARS). =( I want winter! NOW! Anyways, I think the H gloves with the padlock is a little too fussy... no?
  11. they're all a little girly, but as long as we're posting pix!

    love these (but didn't buy them)


    my all-time favorites:

    and how cute are these?
  12. I love H glove but they don't have any that is small enough for my hands.:crybaby:
  13. Here's some J...
  14. [​IMG]
  15. ^^ those are neat GF, i like the one with the hand in it! great buckle.