OK Girls..........WHAT DID YOU BUY???

  1. With all the sales going on and now the US Boutiques are doing their 50% off sales, what did you get:graucho:

    I purchased the Usher Python/Suede Wallet in Vamp $249.00

    The Short Yukon boots in Brown $209.00 (plus I :cursing: complained to SFA about my black ones being $500.00 2 days before and they were going to match the price:yahoo: )

    The DAMN Yeva's in Black $498.00 :woohoo: :woohoo:


    the DAMN Yeva's in Brown $317.00

    Plus...... one more bag which I will have to post photos of upon arrival:nuts:
  2. Wow, what sale percentages!!!:nuts: (are those prices without sales tax?) I bought the Yukon boots at 20 % off from NAP, for 680 euros (including all taxes) which equals appr. 990 USD!!!:cursing: (how much did the Yukon boots cost in the States originally?) And the Clues for 440 euros, I should probably have waited with those until further reductions come along, but since I've been eyeing them for so long, I couldn't resist. No bags for me this time. What bag did you buy, pls. give some hints...?

    ps love customer service the American way, so great that they promised to match the price:tup:, would never ever happen here.
  3. Hmmmm, now which bag is that, dearie??? A song is going through my head...the theme song to the Patty Duke show from the 60s.

    As for my purchases, only one bag which I will have to post photos of upon arrival:nuts:

    Is there an echo in here?
  4. Polarmil the Yeva's were originally selling at SFA for $998.00, but they had been marked down to $607.00 and then on the 25th the prices were and extra 50% off the sale prices. The ones I purchased from Casey @ the Choo Boutique were also $998.00 but because I have neither a SFA or a JC Boutique in my state, there is no sales tax. Also, if you live in my state, there is no sales tax on clothes or shoes whether there is a store located in state or not. It is really nice.

    As for the the bag :sneaky: :sneaky:
    Not sure of the song.... :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  5. Luuuucy.....Ethel.....which one of you hopped the plane this time? And I swear, if either one of you put poor Mr. Mertz back in those lederhosen I'm reporting you BOTH to HPS (husband protective services)! :yes:
  6. I can't wait to see these bags! :party:
  7. I can't seem to quite keep up with what day it is at the moment so the sales absolutely passed me right by! :sleepy:

    I contemplated both the Yukon and the Yeva boots once they hit 50% off but by the time I looked into them they were both sold out in my size. :sad: No bags really caught my eye during this round of sales so I guess I'll have to wait and see what Spring brings!

    It's probably for the best since if there is one thing I already own way more of than bags, it's boots. I LOVE boots! And the bag I am having the most difficult time putting down these days is my black Ring. I was juuust going to switch it out to my burgundy Riki, but then I saw JM's photo of her black Ring and boots and decided I need to carry mine a bit longer as well! :love:

    Miss Robyn, I will say this....from here on out YOU are my personal shopper! I like to think of myself as the Queen of sales, but you leave the rest of us in your dust! :hs:

    You got some amazing bargains on some great things....I am in awe of your shopping skills my friend! :dothewave:
  8. I was so tempted to get another Mave in Silver with brown suede trim but I was very good and restrained. Can't wait to see what bag you got Robyn!

  9. Stinker just tell me what you are looking for, size, color and amount you are willing to spend and "It's Done"

    Mr. Mertz has always said I should become a "purse" anol shopper and when I grabbed a couple of bags for ladies last summer, he said I should really start a business. Maybe Mr. Mertz is right??

    Seriously, if there is anything you want me to hunt down... kill and send to you, just let me know and I am more than happy to help you out:winkiss:

    No plane hopping ..... yet :sneaky: I don't think I'm ready for anymore Trans Atlantic flights at the moment and when you think of the cost of the flight, meals and hotels...
    that's the price of another bag:wtf:
  10. If you click on the pooping horse, the song will play... :hs:
  11. oh gosh! :roflmfao: That's a sweet deal Stinker. Don't let this one slip. ;)
    Robyn, if you need a side-kick, count me in! :nuts:
  12. Man Robyn...you pigged out on the boots! Modeling pics please!
    I ordered the Arad in wildcat. I just love the animal print look and at that price, I had to try it! It won't get here until next Thrusday, which in my opinion is a long time to wait considering how much Saks charges for shipping!
    I think with my additional 10% off it was a little over $600. I was looking at the Mahala in sage, but am glad I missed it...the Arad is a better size for me.
    Thanks Bonniec for the heads up!
  13. Oh, I bet that wildcat is gorgeous!
  14. I said Id wait for the Alex to get marked down, dont know if it ever did because I pretty much lost interest...
  15. So far, the Alex is marked down in black and cognac at some retailers, but not all. No navy, as yet.