Ok girls....There's a Cabas waiting for me and I...

  1. DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! :crybaby:

    IT'S ON MY WISH LIST. THE BABY BLACK CABAS ! (perfect shape, perfect leather, perfect price, everything perfect but hopefully the piece is in perfect condition itself)

    Okay. My SA told me there's a Cabas but I have to wait until tomorrow. So I asked her if she could take photos of it so I could see it for myself ( i am really anal about buying things off the net/phone without seeing it so i have to have extra pairs of eyes to check it, she said she'll do so for me, sucha sweetie!). I'm gonna get my sunnies , all thanks to a fellow tpfer who recommended me (you know who you're! props to you lovelie!) and hopefully i'll get to model in them soon. :wlae:

    So tell me what I should do! I have a Balenciaga LE Magenta SGH coming my way, and i'm gonna get the sunnies for sure. So I've busted my expenditure limit for the month of mid Sept - mid Oct (lol there's a limit every mth to my spending).

    Tell me what I should do! :confused1::confused1::confused1:

    Buy the Cabas and then think of consequences later on? My parents will flip for sure!!!

    But IT'S SO PERFECTLY PRICED. omg. Should i cancel my Magenta order? But I want that too!

    I have to have a Chanel before the price increases, it's just sucha bummer.

    I can sooo see myself using that Cabas everyday, sigh. :hrmm:

  2. I think you will get a lot more use out of the cabas, if you must choose between the 2 bags...but of course it would be sweet if you could swing both;)
  3. hi sweetie, i'm not a balenciaga girl (gasp!) so my vote is for the baby cabas. i have been using my bronze one nonstop since i got her. i don't think you will regret this choice. how can you go wrong with a black tote? but you should know that the black looks distressed to me, so it's not a super super dark black. not sure if that's an issue for you at all. i would have kept my black one if my bronze one hadn't come in.
  4. okay, i'm not so sure. i wanna keep both! that's always the best way out, isnt it? maybe i could convince my mom since she's the financial controller of the household. i could tell her it's for christmas and we could share the cabas (i can sooo imagine my mom taking it to supermarkets with her and dumping all her whatever nots inside, it's sooo roomy)

    i want to use it for school too! it's the perfect size!!! :wlae:

    you think i should return the balenciaga? but i love balenciaga too. i don't know! it took me forever to get my hands on the magenta! it's as limited as the cabas! :hysteric:
  5. do u have pic of the magenta balenciaga? i'm not sure i even know what it looks like!
  6. it's a hot bag that balenciaga...but i'm not sure i'd be able to wear with anything but black. but you're young and cute so you might be able to get more wear out of it. i think the cabas is definitely more practical, but if this balenc is a HTF bag then i'd probably want to keep it.
  7. I was all set to say kill the magenta b bag and go for the cabas, but they you had to show a picture of the b bag. This is a tough choice. I would try to get both and keep both. But if this is really not an option, which bag do you think you'll get the most use out of, a black bag or a pink one?
  8. it is! and if i decide not to have it, i could always sell it off on eBay. it'll probably find a great owner! it's such a gorgeous color, i am feelin' it!

    if i keep both bags, what do i tell my parents? omg, my dad just got me a red bbag 2 weeks ago and i haven't even brought her out. i'm-so-guilty.
  9. i say... one for christmas and the other i could share with my mom? you think?
  10. oh and not forgetting i'm buying a pair of $425 chanel sunnies!!

    shoot me, someone, kill me please!
  11. That bbag is pretty!

    Personally, I don't like mad parents... if I were in your situation and I really wanted both bags, I would talk to my mom about Christmas/sharing like you suggested, or negotiate getting both bags now and have a lower expenditure next month, or some other solution that made my parents OK with it.
  12. ^ i agree! my parents won't let me have my way even though they pamper me alot but i've never bought a bag without my parents on my credit card before (that's cause i know my limits, chanel and bbags are really pretty expensive) because they trust i'm sensible enough to know when to spend and when not to but ever since i'm here...... *lets out a long heavy sigh*

    i'll tell my mom i'll forgo my allowance until christmas to reduce my guilt-stricken heart and ask her to give me whenever it's needed and i'll share my cabas with her and then bbag for christmas!

    fab idea, no?
  13. That sounds like a good idea to me :tup: Especially since you say your parents trust you to be sensible... you don't want them to start questioning that trust. But I also know how it is being on this forum, it's hard when you see so many beautiful bags!! Hopefully your mom will be on board!
  14. ^ my mom wouldn't! but my dad will! hahaha my dad's so fab. he finds all the rare chanel bags for my mom whenever he goes on business trips and he shops like mad! i usually get my dad to 'pick up one' for me while he's on his trips. LOL. how convenient!

    i hope to get my hands on the cabas! omg, i wanted to settle for the vinyl, but imho it's overpriced and it's not even leather! but this cabas is fab. it's $1995 and i have to get it before the price increase, it's so not worth it to pay extra knowing i have my chance now and then regret later, no?