OK girls, lets talk about HYLEXIN..

  1. you love it, you hate it, you consider it a godsend, it was a waste of money, bottom line:: does it work? or only for specific problems/skin types?
  2. never heard of it? am i totally out of the "know" what is it?
  3. isnt it the eye cream?
    for dark circle and stuff?
  4. yup, ive heard so many different opinions, that cancel out the good ones and the bad ones. i have serious dark circles, becuase of my skin, its thin and the vessels show through it, and i dont want to use undereye concealer, i just want it gonelol
  5. can you wear tinted moisterizer over it?
  6. i have never used hylexin. but according to a lot of ppl, and my derm, vitamin k is as good as any cream out there for dark circle.
    but let me tell you, that the effectiveness of vit k depends on the cause of the dark circle.
    my dark circle comes is hereditary, so i dont think any cream will help me.
    anyways, you should try vit k cream. it is cheaper.
  7. I use it and for me it's working great!:yes: I barely wear any concealer anymore, I use that and Stivectin and a friend the other day said I looked like I was glowing!:wlae:
  8. i really want to try strivectin. is it really good?
    this one local spa that i always go to starts selling them.
  9. hmmmm I've wanted to try both of these products...
  10. I've been using it for about 3 months twice a day, and it has been amazing!! I have tried everything (seriously everything!) this has been
    the only thing that works and makes a visible difference! I love it.
  11. I went with the Murad eye brightener because when I logged onto Sephora.com to order the hylexin the murad was brand new and slightly cheaper.

    The Murad has been great too....after 3 months 1-2 times a day I noticed some improvement. At 4 months my mom and my best friend (who also has dark circles) asked me what I was doing differently because THEY noticed. Maybe if I hit a plateau with the murad that I don't think its getting any better I'll try the Hylexin. (btw - still on the original tube of the murad...thought it was a lot...but still have a little left....pure use price ends up being CHEAP! - How long does the Hylexin tube last?)
  12. Wow! Thanks for posting!!!
  13. I LOVE Strivectin, but the Hylexin didn't do any thing for my dark circles
  14. my mom swears by it. she has bags and dark circles under her eyes. she has used it since Jan 06. says she doesn't even need to use concealer anymore.

    tip saving: you can get it at costco.com for $69.99 instead of the retail $95.

    it should be available at your local costco store too.