ok girls...Just ONE more time......Mexico OR Dominican?!?!

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  1. For all you girls who have been to these two places....Which one is better?? More Fun??? More things to do??..

    I heard Dominican Republic doesn't have that much to do...I heards its more laid back..and as for mexico I STILL HAVE NOT THOUGHT OF A LOCATION...im so lost......
  2. this is just my opinion but it's harsh so you were warned. I hate DR. I've been there 5 times all over the country and hated each experience. The only reason was because of security. Tourists are easy prey and you don't get anything done unless you are ready to bribe officials. I'm not saying this doesn't happen anywhere else but I've had issues each time I was in DR. I'm sure others have had a positive experience, sadly none of mine were.
  3. I like Cancun and Cabo San Lucas.. You'll definitely have fun at those two places in MEXICO. I vote mexico... there are more options!
  4. Im originally from the Dominican Republic, although what Harlem had said might be true--I think the same thing might happen in Mexico. I haven't been there as a tourist, I actually lived there most of my life so the only thing I can tell you is that there's definetely a lot of things to do there like dancing, the food is great, the people are nice. If you're staying at a resort, I think you'll enjoy it--there's plenty to do in the resort. Everyone that I have met that have been there as tourist have fallen in love with the Dominican Republic. I will choose to go there as a tourist rather than Mexico. I don't know if I helped in your decision.
  5. naturale: is there alot of things to do in the dominican during the day???? how is the shopping?? snorkeling??
  6. I'm sure if you stay in a resort, you can plan all of those activities--try to do a search on tourism in the Dominican Republic. I haven't been there in a while, last I heard they have a Gucci and Fendi store. Like I said I'm sure you can find a lot of information in the internet, there's also videos of the Island that you can watch. Try looking at different resort and hotels in the internet and see what they offer.
  7. I've been to both places a few times and I'd pick Dominican Republic HANDS DOWN!!

    In my opinion Mexico wasn't half as beautiful and was way more of a place to party rather than relax and experience. In Dominican we went scuba diving, went on an excursion into the town, etc. and really enjoyed it.

    I also got sick everytime I went to Mexico (and I stayed in 5 star hotels) and have never gotten sick in Dominican.
  8. Kimmy: what city would you recomned to stay in ???
  9. you should try the area south of cancun then. Totally Relaxing, the beaches of tulum are unparalled in the world and will remind you of vacationing in bali. we stayed north in Akumal and it was so clean, the best snorkeling and fabulous restaurants all within walking distance. Check out akumalvacations.com

  10. They also got a Chanel store :biggrin: ..go to the Dominican Republic its beautiful there. Punta Cana & La Samana is beautiful. Brad Pitt is building a hotel in La Samana I heard.
  11. opps! double post!
  12. My vote is definitely for the DR as well...we have been down there for vacation the last two winters and it's awesome...I find the food delicious and the people are sooo friendly and accomodating...
  13. I love the Dominican Republic b/c the beaches are beautiful -- almost dreamlike quality. I actually stayed in La Samana and Las Terrenas and thought it was lovely! I can't believe that Brad Pitt is building a hotel there. So strange.

    Either Mexico or the DR I hope you have a GREAT time!
  14. Both places are nice. Stayed in playa del carmen and punta cana in DR. If you want to relax, I would say DR. DR has better beaches and the people are so friendly and nice. We stayed at all inclusive so did not venture out. I heard no great tours or shopping. In Playa, many different ruins to see and shopping, swim with dolphins, (can do in DR,too not sure where), beaches fine but DR much more breathtaking!!
  15. ahhhhh......so there is not much to do in DR is there.....besides the resort correct?