ok girls, i took your advice !!!

  1. Hey ladies, i posted a topic a few weeks ago about " what's the big deal with tiffany and co. " and i got alot of good responses,or advice.....whatever you want to call it. So i broke down and gave the tiffany stuff to the lady last night,over dinner at Lucinao's of chicago....here is nassau,bahamas,which is one of the top three grub spots on the island. so after we got done eating,she went to the bathroom,like all ya'll girls do to " fresh up" . in man world that means look to see if you got any food stuck on your teeth. when she got back to the table,i had already the 2 small tiffany boxes underneath the napkin.then i played stupid and "accidentaly" spilled my drink.she quickly picked up her napkin to give it to me,and saw the boxes on the table,and kinda jumped back a little bit. she never did end up giving me the damn napkin. i looked at her and smiled,and said these are for you,your a great gal,and a good friend,and i hope you will always remember the man who gave you your first tiffany and co. jewelry. she opened the boxes and started to tear up a little bit,and she had the most beautiful smile on her face.she told me she loved the necklace and the ting i gave her,and said i was stupid for spending all that money on her. i told her she was worth every bit of it,and i would do it again,because i like the feeling i get when i make somebody happy. here are some crappy pictures of the stuff i bought her.it's not the top of the line tiffany stuff,but to her it's what she liked...si it's the top of the line stuff in my eye's...thank's yall
    tiffany crap 009.jpg
  2. great job, she is one lucky lady
  3. *sniff* Awwwwwwwwwwwww..........you rock. You are such a sweetheart! A gift from the heart is precious, wonderful and invaulable. LOVE RULES!!!!

    (feeling soppy, had 2 glasses of wine).
  4. That is so sweet!!!
  5. That's really sweet. Oh, and I LOVE the fact that your jpg attachment is called "tiffany crap". :roflmfao:
  6. aww that is soo sweet. i'm glad it went well. good luck!
  7. You're so sweet :smile:! I love your purchases :smile:
  8. Aww ... very sweet of you!
  9. That is a great story!
  10. awww that is so sweet! I'm so glad she loved it :yes:
  11. That's really cute!
    (I like the Tiffany crap too!)
  12. How sweet!:heart: :love:
  13. thats very sweet and generous of you!
  14. thats such a cute story...glad she loves it!!
  15. wow! i love that necklace! super cute! you're a fine cowboy, cowboy!