OK girls--I need opinions here, please:

  1. I have fallen in love with the python tote at Saks. I don't have a picture, but it is truly the most gorgeous bag (in my eyes) ever. It is also crazy expensive. I am trying to figure out, first of all--is that a bag I can get and actually wear--frequently. And if so, would you:

    Trade one gorgeous python bag for a red diamond shine classic flap and navy patent jumbo flap?? I can still return both of these and apply the cost of them to the python and be able to afford it.

    Am I crazy? I love the other two bags, but this seems like one I will carry forever and maybe not as available in years to come.

    Honest opinions--PLEASE and TIA!

    BTW, I didn't get the brown outdoor ligne today because I was too smitten with the python tote.
  2. is it the one in this photo for $4995?

    It's not really an everyday bag if you're hard on bags IMO.
    Python is pretty durable, but it can't take constant wear.

    That said, Chanel really knows how to do python, I'd LOVE the flap!
  3. It is similar to the one in the upper right hand corner, but more north/south and without the tassle. I'm just so torn. I would certainly want it to last forever, so I am sure I wouldn't wear it everyday. So, the question remains--what is better, several beautiful bags or one absolute stunner??
  4. well, what else is in your collection?

    I think a bag like this is a great purchase IF you have the staples you need already.
  5. I only have a black coco cabas. I bought the red diamond shine for an accent bag and then the navy jumbo patent for spring. I can't decide on a brown, although that is what I was going in for today when I was captivated with the python!
  6. If you can return the other two... I think you should do it. You already have the Cabas, which is very durable and now you will have the python tote, which is a more elegant, slightly dressy and very unique bag.

    I would rather have one bag I was totally in love with, than two bags that I just really liked.

    But only if you can return the other two... :smile:
  7. I can return the other two, and, although they are so pretty, I didn't stop in my tracks for them like I did the tote. Yikes--I have said it before, this Chanel is a slippery slope!!

  8. I would do the same thing! Go for it!
  9. I defiinitely would do it too!!!!I saw this bag and it is TDF!!!
  10. sounds like you're smitten! Sleep on it and if you feel the same tomorrow, indulge!:yes:
  11. definately listen to your heart...get the bag as if it won't be available FOREVER !!!!!
  12. I will sleep on it, but I don't know if I will ever know for sure! There are worse dilemmas to have : )
  13. when it comes down to it, i'd much rather have a bag that i'm head-over-heels in love with than one that i really like... that said both those bags you're about to give up are beautiful. if you don't mind doing the cabas for daily wear, i say go for the python! i saw the one pictured by Swanky Mama of Three in real life, and it's definitely a stunner.
  14. This is so exciting.. :party: Cant wait for pictures if you do decide to get the python tote!!! :love::love:
  15. You only saw it today, so I'd sleep on it, but it sounds like you really love it! If you return those bags though, be sure to post the info here :graucho:.